Verification is a process by which certain data reported on the FAFSA is reviewed by the school for accuracy and completeness. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the correct amount of the Title IV funds is disbursed to each eligible student.

All students enrolled who were randomly selected for verification by the Central Processing System (CPS) and any other the institution has reason to believe that the application information is incorrect or contains conflicting information will be resolved.

Applications may be reviewed based on the DOE’s current required data elements and any specific predetermined criteria set by the institution. Substantial supporting documentation must be obtained and circumstances carefully documented.


This process aims to confirm student’s eligibility for financial aid, and all impacted students will be informed in writing or verbally within five business days that they were selected for verification.

What this means:

Students are allowed up to 30 days to present all verification documents requested by the financial aid office. Once the verification process is completed, the student will be awarded and notified in writing.

Deadlines: Time periods

All newly enrolled students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to the start of the first class. Currently enrolled student who cross award years must complete new FAFSA prior to July 1. All required documentation must be submitted to the financial aid office within 30 business days of the initial requested date. In cases of unusual circumstances, the financial aid office may extend this time to up to 10 business days.

Consequences if not submitted in a timely manner

Any delay in obtaining relevant documentation may interrupt the awarding of financial aid and may result in student(s) paying all or part of tuition obligation out of pocket until awarding takes place. Students who did not complete verification within the required time-frame will be notified and considered to be a cash paying student; if payment is not received they will be pulled from class.

Method of Notification

Students will be notified in person (verbally) or in writing that he or she have been selected for verification and will be given a list of all the required documents needed within 30 days. If students ISIR Value printed on ISIR is 02 (which means they elected to and use the IRS data retrieval tool, they will be considered verified and will only need to complete and submit the verification worksheet.

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