Being Aware of Dog Safety During the Summertime

8:36 pm in General By Danny Donovan

During the summertime, especially here in South Florida, temperatures can be unbearable. As pet owners, we need to be aware that it’s just as hot for our pets! As humans, we have natural ways to cool down by producing sweat. Dogs don’t have the same natural cooling systems, and their health can become in jeopardy as a result of extreme heat. Fortunately, as a pet owner, there are a few things that you can do as far as dog safety goes to protect your furry pal. Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside During the Day During the summer months, South Florida’s […]

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Shelter and Pet Shop Grooming Contributes to Pet Adoption Rates

9:00 am in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

There’s a saying that goes “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the book and put in the extra effort to maintain its cover. For dogs, grooming carries more importance than most people realize. It can be easy to think that something like grooming is a luxury, but in reality, it is a necessity. So much so in fact that many dogs in shelters and pet shops rely on grooming to find their forever homes with loving families. Shelter and pet shop grooming has a heavy influence over pet adoption rates, […]

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All You Need to Know About Grooming Certification

5:59 pm in General By Danny Donovan

A lot of people seem to be confused about how to earn grooming certification. When groomers say that they have been “certified by [the name of their grooming school],” this does not mean that they have board certification. In fact, most grooming schools don’t have the power to certify professional pet groomers; instead, groomers in training have to voluntarily earn certification formal associations like the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).   Completing Grooming School When students graduate from pet grooming school, they leave with a degree after having completed the school’s program. While this is not the same […]

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Dealing with Troubled Fur at Pet Grooming Schools

7:16 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

If you are considering enrolling in the programs that pet grooming schools have to offer, you will have to gain knowledge on how to deal with troubled fur. Many longer haired dogs will develop difficult areas of matted fur that will be more demanding of grooming needs. These trouble areas need to be addressed in a way that will not harm the animal and also blend in with the rest of the haircut. Pet grooming schools like Merryfield can teach you how to handle these rough areas in a way that pleases the customer and the furry friend, giving you […]

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Addressing Myths about Cat and Dog Grooming

7:15 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

There are many pets in our country, and each of these pets has owners with their own opinions. Many of these opinions regard the care and grooming of their pets, which may differ from person to person. Throughout the industry, pet groomers come into contact with many pet owners who have beliefs of various cat and dog grooming myths. It’s important to debunk these cat and dog grooming myths so that our furry friends can live the happiest and healthiest lives we can manage to provide for them. “I can’t be allergic, he/she is hypoallergenic” Although it is true that […]

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Double Coat Dos and Don’ts

3:37 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Many dog breeds sport a double coat, but even the most well-studied dog owners might not know how to properly take care of it. A dog’s double coat consists of both a soft undercoat and a long, thick outer coat, each of which performs different functions to protect the dog from the elements. With this in mind, there are some dos and don’ts about double coat care that every dog owner should know.   DO Research to Better Understand Your Dog’s Double Coat Double coats are pretty common among herding breeds, retrievers, and terriers, but other breeds may have them […]

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How to be Invaluable to the Florida Pet Grooming Industry

3:09 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

To be of high importance to the Florida pet grooming industry, you have to know the ins and outs of pet grooming. If you look at pet grooming as just a job, it will be just that for you. But, if you see pet grooming as a chance to blossom into a successful career, you will likely be indispensable to your pet salon and the Florida pet grooming industry as a whole. Learn how to be highly successful and valuable in the eyes of your pet grooming customers by sticking to the important fundamentals of pet grooming taught at Merryfield […]

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Qualification Requirements for Florida’s #1 Pet Grooming School

3:08 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

If you wish to attend the nation’s only pet grooming school that is accredited and provides students with financial aid to help pay for tuition, some requirements must be met. Meeting these requirements provides Merryfield school of pet grooming the proper information needed to review potential financial aid and other determining factors of enrollment. Initial Interview During the initial interview, the financial aid department will pull a record from the NSLDS report that provides information on defaulted loans, aggregate limits, and overlapping loans. The office of financial aid will also review any previous education records to determine if you are […]

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Things to Remember as a Certified Pet Groomer

9:00 am in General By Danny Donovan

Today, professional pet grooming is such a popular and rapidly growing industry.  It is not only a rewarding experience but also a steady source of income since pet grooming is always in demand— not just in the U.S., but around the world. Any animal lover has the potential to become a certified pet groomer with enough hard work and determination. If you are considering becoming a certified pet groomer, there are a few key things that you should keep in mind about your career path and the responsibilities that come with it.   You Assist in Monitoring Pet Health While […]

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What to Do When Grooming a Puppy for the First Time

9:13 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

The Importance of Grooming a Puppy Grooming a puppy does more than making it look cute. Good grooming means good health, but something for every groomer to remember is that different types of dogs each have different grooming needs. There is not one single way for a professional pet groomer to groom a dog, and this includes puppies. Still, a puppy’s very first grooming experience should be approached a certain way. Just like a child’s first haircut, a puppy’s first grooming is a momentous occasion that should be handled with care. Working with rambunctious or poorly-trained puppies can be a […]

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