Dog groomers style and bathe the fur on dogs and might also clip their nails and fur. Groomers may offer their services to the family pet or might specialize in the preparation of show animals for events. While some are self-employed, other groomers practice their trade at pet shops, kennels, or veterinary offices.

A pet grooming career can be deeply satisfying if you enjoy working with animals. Moreover, you can accumulate a considerable clientele if you’re ready to put in long hours marketing, networking, and otherwise building your business.

A significant step in the process is obtaining pet grooming certification from our reputable and distinguished pet grooming school. If you’re considering this profession, here’s how to obtain certification.

Steps to becoming a Certified Groomer

Set objectives

Like any new adventure, it’s extremely important to set goals. This means taking some time to reflect on important aspects, for instance, whether you want to attend an institution that teaches prospective groomers to begin their business or whether you would rather focus on knowledge and skills without business training. Make sure you set goals that consider practice, training and time management.

Find the appropriate course

While this industry is unregulated, you can’t become a professional groomer overnight and no dog owner would be comfortable leaving his dog in the care of somebody who lacks training. Therefore, you would rather obtain certification.

Some courses will even provide business training. Finding the right course means conducting thorough research and creating a list of institutions that match your criteria. Avoid rushing during this process because the course you select will shape your career as a professional groomer.

Maximize your course

It’s one thing to choose a course and another to carve out time for studying, locating dogs for assignments, and actually completing the assignments. Irrespective of whether you’re enrolled online or in a brick-and-mortar school, ensure you’re on top of your assignments and readings. Making the most of your course is a vital step in your career path.


You must practice to learn the art of dog grooming and master the associated skills. Use every free time to work on various breeds and don’t hesitate to offer your services to family and friends with pets.

Obtain certification

Certification demonstrates that you can groom dogs effectively and capably while revealing that you have professional training.

Start your career

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you can proceed to your career, which offers various exciting paths, including dog styling and retail grooming.

Skills needed for dog grooming

Grooming Skills

Among the most significant skills, you must possess are fundamental grooming skills. This includes the capacity to file and trim the nails safely and clean around the eyes and ears without causing injury.

Dog groomers should also understand the essential techniques to cut various hair types ranging from coarse and short to fine and long. While it’s not necessary, it’s helpful to identify the trends in grooming techniques.

People Skills

Numerous people treat their dogs like children and need reassurance that their pets will be fine when grooming is taking place. You should have the ability to soothe a nervous pet parent during the first trip to a groomer.

Fundamental customer service skills are equally important, including handling unsatisfied clients, negotiating rates, and promoting repeat business.

Health Knowledge

As a groomer, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect dogs’ bodies closely and this is an opportunity to identify potential problems. Upon enrolling in our institution, our extensive pet grooming courses will teach you how to identify the symptoms of common diseases and inform pet owners regarding allergies, fleas, and other symptoms. You’ll also beware of how certain products can influence pet health.

Education and Training

Although formal education isn’t compulsory for pet groomers, some opt to attend accredited pet grooming schools in Florida such as Merryfield Academy to learn this trade. However, most learn from experienced groomers while on the job.

Those who attend our formal program obtain instruction in fundamental animal anatomy and sanitation procedures, skin care, nutrition and safety associated with skin and coat health. Although the duration of programs differs depending on the covered topics, most don’t last longer than 18 weeks.

After obtaining the required skills, groomers might opt to take the tests provided by the N.D.G.A.A. to obtain certification, which can improve a groomer’s credentials.

If you’re contemplating a career in dog grooming but don’t how to go about it, we’ll give you the necessary advice and information regarding this field. Moreover, our training program will steer you towards a fulfilling career.

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