Anesthetic Free Teeth Scaling -

300 Clock hour Program

This program is designed for a Professional Pet Groomer that has at least 1-year of experience.  It is a program that allows the established Groomer to broaden their scope of services and create another income stream for their existing practice.

The Professional Pet Groomer will learn the skills needed to perform the non-anesthetic teeth scaling for pets.  This includes how to properly chart teeth, recognize diseases as well as understanding how to “Read the Dog” aka animal behavior, and understand physiology, the science of how bodily parts function.

The program will be covered in 300 hours of classroom, lab, and online. It can be completed in 15 weeks or less than 4 months.

Note: Must have at least one year of grooming or veterinary experience prior to enrolling in this program.

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TS 101 Anesthetic Free Teeth Scaling and Cleaning 160 hours, online and residential delivery

In this course, students will learn anatomy, charting, first aid, animal behavior, safety, swaddling techniques, use of tools and equipment, oral examination, and home dental techniques. Students will learn to perform the basics of teeth scaling and how to use tools and equipment properly.

 TS102 Teeth Scaling and Cleaning Lab I 90 hours, residential delivery

In this course, students will have multiple opportunities to handle live pets and practice on properly swaddling pets for teeth scaling along with correctly charting each pet.

TS103 Teeth Scaling and Cleaning Lab II 50 hours, residential delivery

In this course, students will have numerous opportunities to handle more complicated pets such as older pets and larger pets practicing proper teeth scaling techniques to ensure each pet’s teeth are scaled correctly.

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