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Our program prepares our students in becoming a Top Professional Pet Grooming career. We prepare our students with the necessary skills to professionally groom dogs in a salon, mobile grooming, house call grooming or in a Veterinary practice. In mastering the art of pet grooming, the program consists of working with grooming equipment, customer relations, bathing, hair drying, ear cleaning, combing, brushing, dematting, breed recognition, first aid, styling, diseases of the skin, perfection of scissor work which is covered in the 500 hours of lab work in the school. The last 100 hours is an externship outside of the school. The student is placed in a veterinary practice, mobile grooming van, salon or in a house call grooming environment.

Local Pet Grooming School in Florida

Every student, prior to externship, is tested for competency in four areas. There are different techniques used in the learning process. It is subjective and the school utilizes certain parameters. There are many different shapes and sizes to the purebred and mixed breed dogs.

Program will include learning:

  • Customer Relations
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Cutting
  • Pad cleaning
  • Private Area Cleaning
  • Rough Clip Training
  • Brushing and Combing
  • Pet Bathing
  • Pet Drying & Fluff Drying
  • Re-clipping
  • Blending & Thinning (Finishing touch)

Flexibility is used when performing the different individual haircuts. There are many different interpretations on how to best groom that pet that is before you. Your Instructors will ultimately make the best decision for each groomed pet. Our training is geared to these:

  • Mixed Breeds
  • Terrier Breeds
  • Drop Coat/Miscellaneous Breeds
  • DVD instruction

Students are required to summarize 5 videos per month for every month that they attend school after a student reaches the 300 mark. Theory/training videos are available either on site or on their home computers.


The student is placed in an actual grooming “job-like” environment for the last 100 hours. The externship, which is a part of the teaching program, is a non-paid placement. This offers an on-the-job experience, whereby the student can perform the grooming skills learned; including customer relations, time management, sales techniques, etc. A proficiency report is submitted by the salon/supervisor and grade sheets are still a part of this module. Also including a site evaluation by the Campus director. Upon completion of 600 hours, a diploma is then awarded to the graduate.

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Final Test and Completion of Course:

In order to graduate, students must be able to complete a hands on, practical test on the following breeds, according to breed standards set forth by the N.D.G.A.A. (National Dog Groomer’s Association of America)

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Gainful Employment

After students complete the program at Merryfield, they have the option to start their own business or we can assist with job placement at Career Services. Graduate Professional development opportunities are available which include preparations for competitions, trade shows and the extended use of the school’s web-based portfolio site.

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Open Door Policy for Past Students

If a student attended Merryfield School of Pet Grooming, graduated and/or received a “Completion Certificate” and has decided that they are not fully confident in any area, they may return to school for additional instruction at no additional charge. To learn more about our program, get access to our full catalog here.

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