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Complete your Free Application For Federal Student Aid
Create a FSAID to sign your FAFSA Application
Check your Loan Debt and complete exit counseling
Complete your MPN and your Entrance counseling
CARES Grant Disclosure

Do you Qualify for Financial Aid?

Merryfield Academy is one of only two pet grooming schools in the nation that are nationally accredited and offers options for students to receive financial aid. This aid can be utilized towards any school costs and fees. But, it’s only available to those who qualify. To find out if you qualify, create and fill out your FAFSFA forms today!

Federal Student aid includes:

Grants — financial Aid that doesn’t have to be repaid (unless, for example, you withdraw from the school and owe a refund)

Loans — borrowed money for college or career school; you must repay your loans, with interest.

These educational grants and loans are available for those that qualify.

When you apply for financial aid, the loans and their disclosures will be in writing, signed and dated.

The U.S. Department of Education awards about $150 Billion a year in all types of Grants and Loans to more than 15 million students.  Federal Student Aid covers such expenses as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and transportation.  Aid can also pay for other related expenses such as computer and dependent care.  Thousands of schools across the country participate in the Federal Student Aid programs; ask the school Financial Aid Administrator for more detailed information.

Other Options besides Title IV

A Part from Title IV Loans, for those that qualify, there are various financing plans available to qualifying students. An independent finance company is in contract with the school to provide financing to those students who qualify. It is not a government-sponsored entitlement. Eligibility for the loan is solely at the discretion of the lender and the school has no influence on the loan application whatsoever. There is an obligation on the part of the borrower to repay the loan along with any and all interest. Information at the time of loan origination will be detailed. The School’s refund policy complies with Fair Consumer Practices. Should the student be terminated or canceled for any reason, all refunds will be made according to schedule.

Learn more about the financial aid process in our catalog here.

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