Pet Grooming Courses -

Pet grooming courses at Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is divided into two courses: Course Code PG 101 and Course Code PD 106.

Course 101 is a 500-hour program in which students learn the entire grooming process, start to finish, for all categories of dog breeds. During this course, students utilize instruction to practice their own techniques. This course is a hands-on learning experience which is graded according to evaluations of the instructors.

Course 106 is a 100-hour externship in which students will practice what they’ve learned throughout their time at Merryfield in a professional grooming setting. Not only does this provide needed experience, but also the daily workings of business including customer service, sales objectives, time management, and more. Once 100 hours is complete, a report must be submitted filled out by the owner of a business to receive credit.

To find out more about programs we offer, visit our programs page to view our course catalogue! This catalogue contains information of all aspects and areas of grooming taught by the masters at Merryfield!

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Check out our Catalog!

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