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Shelter and Pet Shop Grooming Contributes to Pet Adoption Rates

9:00 am in By Danny Donovan

There’s a saying that goes “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the book and put in the extra effort to maintain its cover. For dogs, grooming carries more importance than most people realize. It can be easy to think that something like grooming is a luxury, but in reality, it is a necessity. So much so in fact that many dogs in shelters and pet shops rely on grooming to find their forever homes with loving families. Shelter and pet shop grooming has a heavy influence over pet adoption rates, and here’s why.

pet shop groomingGrooming and Adoption

We’re brought up in a society that constantly judges books by their covers. It’s no different with grooming. Good grooming is a way of putting your best foot forward. After all, when you have something like a job interview, you prepare by showering, shaving, putting on your nicest suit and styling your hair with gel. The way you look directly influences how you present yourself, which then influences how others perceive you.

Dogs in shelters and pet shops undergo a similar sort of ritual. Meeting a potential new family is a dog’s ultimate job interview, so it’s imperative that the dog looks (and feels) his absolute best.

Grooming for Confidence

You’d be very surprised at how shelter and pet shop grooming can help the dogs open up to prospective new adopters. Dogs are naturally very sweet creatures, but this might not show through right away if they’re hidden under dirt, matted fur, and unattractive odors. Have you ever noticed that the dogs that are severely under-groomed are usually the ones that try to hide when visitors come? When all of that muck is stripped away, though, dogs are free to be as mobile and as playful as they can be when greeted by new, friendly faces. It’s amazing what a good bath, some clippers and lots of belly rubs can do.

The Importance of Good Shelter and Pet Shop Grooming

Every year, roughly 8 million animals are brought to shelters and sometimes transferred to pet shops. Of the dogs, only about half of them receive adequate enough grooming to be presentable for adoption. The dogs that get adopted are extremely lucky, and not just because they’ve found a forever home.

The animals that are left matted and filthy might not ever get adopted. In fact, some of them might not even live long enough to receive proper grooming. Many animal shelters unfortunately still practice euthanasia in an effort to control the ever-growing pet population. The reality is, good grooming in shelters could be the difference between life and death for some dogs. But there are ways you can help. Here are some organizations that help raise awareness for the importance of good shelter and pet shop grooming.

One Picture Saves a Life

Many people make the mistake of trying to market dogs for adoption when they’re still messy, disoriented and frightened. However, this organization assists pet shops and shelters take photos of their animals after grooming. A variety of sponsors donate supplies to One Picture Saves a Life, and people ranging from foster parents to trainee groomers come forward to volunteer.

The Dirty Dogs Contest

This annual internet canine beauty pageant features some of the most truly outstanding transformations ever. Not only does the contest raise awareness about the importance of shelter and pet shop grooming, but it also raises money for participants. The first, second and third place pooches with the most votes from the general public win a total of  $5,000, $2,000, and $1,000 respectively for their shops or shelters.

Wahl and Greater Good Donations

The Wahl Clipper Corporation, one of the most popular grooming products supply companies in the world, has partnered with the Greater Good Foundation to help dogs everywhere get the grooming they need to put their best paw forward for adoption. For years, Wahl and Greater Good have been providing grooming products and services to shelters and pet shops nationwide to help dogs in need find their forever homes. So far, their supplies, including special dog shampoos, have helped more than 70,000 dogs receive adoption-ready grooming.

Contribute to Shelter and Pet Shop Grooming

The organizations above are great ones to get involved in to help dogs get adoption-ready. But, of course, the first step is learning all there is to know about the practice of pet grooming. At Merryfield School of Pet Grooming, our courses will prepare you for a promising career in the field of pet cosmetology. For more information, please contact us here or call us at (954) 771-4030.

Dealing with Troubled Fur at Pet Grooming Schools

7:16 pm in By Danny Donovan

If you are considering enrolling in the programs that pet grooming schools have to offer, you will have to gain knowledge on how to deal with troubled fur. Many longer haired dogs will develop difficult areas of matted fur that will be more demanding of grooming needs. These trouble areas need to be addressed in a way that will not harm the animal and also blend in with the rest of the haircut. Pet grooming schools like Merryfield can teach you how to handle these rough areas in a way that pleases the customer and the furry friend, giving you the professional groomer skills you will need to become successful.Dealing with Troubled Fur at Pet Grooming Schools

Kinds of Troubled Fur to Identify

Matts developed from under brushing: Many dogs will need grooming that has not been thoroughly brushed in between groomings as often as they need. These dogs can have matted clumps of fur that can be worked out with grooming tools like brushes and products. Moisture and dirt work together to produce these troubled fur areas, and a more routine brushing schedule can prevent them.

Matts developed by rubbing: Some dogs develop troubled fur areas that are caused by something rubbing against the fur. They are usually found on areas of the body that come in contact with other areas, like under the arms. In some cases, these matted areas come from outside sources rubbing on the fur like the ground, a collar, or animal clothing.

Matts developed from pressing: Many dogs develop troubled areas of fur from sitting or lying on the ground. Because of this, these clumps of matted fur are usually located behind the legs or on the stomach. Many areas of troubled fur develop because of the amount of shedding a dog does. If the shedding is not removed, it will stay in the fur and soak up moisture and collect dirt, ultimately producing matted areas of fur.

Matts developed by abandonment: These are usually the worst types of areas of matted fur seen on dogs that need grooming. They are developed from neglect, usually long-term and extremely difficult to remove. These overgrown troubled areas can contain fleas and hinder air from getting to the skin, raising the risk of skin and health problems.

Identify Troubled Fur Right Away

Make sure you identify troubled areas on a pet before the customer leaves it in your care. You should run your fingers through the fur, especially around generally troubled areas, to determine whether the animal will have any trouble areas during the grooming process. If you identify any matted fur, bring attention to it upon inspection so that the customer understands what the grooming will take. Additionally, you can provide them with information on how to prevent this troubled fur before their next visit. Let them know what routine brushing and fur maintenance should entail. Also, make them aware of the dangers and health complications that troubled fur can have on their pets.

Learning more in Pet Grooming Schools

If you wish to learn more about how to remove matted fur or how to become a professional pet groomer, attending pet grooming schools may be the next step in your journey to becoming a pet groomer. If you would like to learn about how to receive financial support for tuition, call Merryfield School of Pet Grooming at (954) 771-4030 today.


Addressing Myths about Cat and Dog Grooming

7:15 pm in By Danny Donovan

There are many pets in our country, and each of these pets has owners with their own opinions. Many of these opinions regard the care and grooming of their pets, which may differ from person to person. Throughout the industry, pet groomers come into contact with many pet owners who have beliefs of various cat and dog grooming myths. It’s important to debunk these cat and dog grooming myths so that our furry friends can live the happiest and healthiest lives we can manage to provide for them.Addressing Myths about Cat and Dog Grooming

“I can’t be allergic, he/she is hypoallergenic”

Although it is true that certain dogs and cats are reported to cause less frequent or severe reactions in allergic humans, there is no way to tell how someone with an allergy to pet dander will respond to a specific breed before they live together. The only sure way to know if you will experience allergic reactions to an animal is to spend time together, long enough to start feeling the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

“My pet only needs a bath once a month”

All too often, cat and dog grooming salons have animals that come in that are not bathed frequently enough. For cats, bathing needs are minimal. This is because their pronged tongue and constant self-grooming help to keep the coat silky and clean. Only some long haired cats who have trouble self-grooming or have developed matting may need professional grooming. Additionally, hairless cats (Sphynx) need to bath once a week due to abundantly produced oils produced by the skin with minimal hair to catch them. Dogs should be bathed once or twice a week depending on how dirty the animal is and the condition of their skin. Frequent bathing not only keeps dogs feeling better, but keeps the overall health of their coat and skin to remain above par.

“Human shampoo is just as good for dogs as pet shampoo”

Commonly, pet owners think that their shampoo is made of the same ingredients as their own. This is simply not true, as shampoos are developed specifically to help the species they are intended for. Human shampoos tend to be more acidic than dog shampoos and can strip a dog’s hair of its naturally produced oils which can also irritate the skin. Burning of the skin due to human shampoo use in dogs may translate further into infection and require veterinary care.

“My pet has short hair so they don’t require grooming”

You may feel that your home-grooming skills are enough to keep your pet happy and healthy. You may be right, but there are benefits of a professional groom that you simply cannot get at home. Even short haired pets and those groomed at home do not get the anal gland release, manicure, and professional styling standard that they would from a professional. Also, having a short-haired pet professionally groomed can help with shedding so that you can keep your house hair-free longer!

Professional Cat and Dog Grooming

Are you interested in getting cat and dog grooming for your pet? If so, Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is open for scheduling now! Also, we are taking applicants for individuals interested in becoming professional pet groomers. We are looking for individuals who have a love for animals and are interested in a lucrative career in professionally grooming pets. We are the only nationally accredited professional pet grooming school in the nation, and our staff of instructors is renowned worldwide. Additionally, we offer financial aid options for students who qualify, and many of our graduates have had tuition covered by their financial aid opportunities. Don’t miss out on a career that you will love and will also love you back! Give us a call to find out more about our grooming services and/or professional grooming courses at (954) 771-4030.


Double Coat Dos and Don’ts

3:37 pm in By Danny Donovan

Many dog breeds sport a double coat, but even the most well-studied dog owners might not know how to properly take care of it. A dog’s double coat consists of both a soft undercoat and a long, thick outer coat, each of which performs different functions to protect the dog from the elements. With this in mind, there are some dos and don’ts about double coat care that every dog owner should know.


DO Research to Better Understand Your Dog’s Double Coat

Double coats are pretty common among herding breeds, retrievers, and terriers, but other breeds may have them as well. Double coats are meant to protect your precious pooch from both the cold and the heat. The undercoat keeps your dog warm in the winter months, but it also keeps cool air close to the skin during the summer months. The outer coat is meant to resist the elements like snow and UV rays. By better understanding what the outer and undercoats are supposed to do, you can be better prepared for double coat maintenance when the temperature starts to change.


DON’T Go Against Professional Advice

If you have a dog with an exceptionally thick coat, you may think that shaving all that fur during the summer months is the right thing to do. After all, how else is your dog supposed to keep cool? It makes perfect sense to shave your dog when it gets hot outside, right? Actually, it doesn’t. Double coats are not like jackets; you shouldn’t remove them when it gets hot. In fact, doing so could not only ruin the coat when it grows back in, but it could also make your dog uncomfortable! As mentioned in the previous section, a dog’s undercoat acts as a sort of insulation to regulate body temperature. Tampering with it by shaving it all off will leave your dog feeling hotter than when he had his coat. Plus, shaving your dog’s double coat puts him at a greater risk of sunburn or heat stroke. This is why vets, groomers, and breeders all agree that shaving off a double coat is almost never a good idea. Your dog will be more comfortable and ready for the weather with his fur left intact. Still, there are some things you can do as the owner to maintain your dog’s double coat that doesn’t require shaving.


DO Practice Regular Bathing and Brushing

One reason you may be tempted to shave your dog is the shedding that comes with summer heat. Shedding tends to increase when it’s hot outside, and cleanup isn’t always easy. But there are a couple of ways to handle your dog’s shedding hair that doesn’t risk ruining his double coat. The first is regular bathing and shampooing. Bathing your dog on a schedule, especially during the summer months, will wash away any loose hair before it can shed anywhere else. The second is brushing your dog’s double coat. Like bathing, brushing can rid your dog’s coat of any loose hair before it sheds everywhere. There are even special double coat brushes that are designed to pull away any loose hair from both the outer and under coats for a more thorough clean. After giving your dog a bath, you can brush his coat— just be sure it’s dry first.


DON’T Brush Hard During Double Coat Maintenance

It’s always important to be gentle with your dog during any sort of at-home grooming, but especially with brushing. Brushing too hard won’t do anything except hurt your dog’s skin. Brushing may become more challenging in the future if you aren’t careful. Your dog should be cooperative and trusting during a brushing, so be gentle.


DO Have Your Dog Shaved Only If It’s Under Special Circumstancesdouble coat

Shaving your dog’s double coat isn’t recommended to keep him cool during the summer, but there are certain circumstances where it may be necessary. This can include preparation for surgery, removing matter hair, and aiding in canine skin disease treatments.


DON’T Forget What  You’ve Learned About the Double Coat!

Double coats are different and require special care, especially during drastic changes in weather. The best thing you can do as the owner of a double coated dog is to better understand how to perform maintenance like bathing and brushing. The worst thing you can do is shave your dog in a misguided attempt to keep him cool during the summer.

At Merryfield School of Pet Grooming, our goal is to educate not only up-and-coming groomers but also pet owners. If you or someone you know owns a dog with a double coat and would like more information about how to take proper care of it, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists at (954) 771-4030.

How to be Invaluable to the Florida Pet Grooming Industry

3:09 pm in By Danny Donovan

To be of high importance to the Florida pet grooming industry, you have to know the ins and outs of pet grooming. If you look at pet grooming as just a job, it will be just that for you. But, if you see pet grooming as a chance to blossom into a successful career, you will likely be indispensable to your pet salon and the Florida pet grooming industry as a whole. Learn how to be highly successful and valuable in the eyes of your pet grooming customers by sticking to the important fundamentals of pet grooming taught at Merryfield School of Pet Grooming.

Care for Animals

Undoubtedly, the most important base fundamental of a successful pet groomer is the leniency he or she feels towards animals. If you don’t love and have a concern for pets, you won’t be happy as a pet groomer. Unhappy pet groomers will likely showcase their emotions through their work and it will be recognized amongst their customer base. If your customers notice that you do not have a sense of compassion towards animals, they will likely take their business elsewhere and you will be of no value to the industry.

Breed and Coat Identification

A major part of becoming successful in the Florida pet grooming industry is being able to identify all different kinds of coats and breeds of animals that need grooming.  Being able to identify breeds of dogs will give you added communication with others that work with you about what work need to be done. Additionally, coat knowledge will allow you to understand what needs to be done to a pet while they are staying at the salon. Some coats and breeds have different bathing and grooming needs than others, so recognizing the difference gives your business increased value.

Quality Grooming Services

How to be Invaluable to the Florida Pet Grooming IndustryTo be held of high accord in the Florida pet grooming industry, you must have the skill and knowledge to perform quality bathing, drying, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and gland expression during each and every grooming session. Customers expect the highest quality work in all of these areas, and knowing how to perform each of these duties perfectly will give your business the high praise it deserves. If you skip steps or do not complete tasks to your customer’s expectations, the chances of repeat customers and valuable word of mouth advertising are minimal. Give your customers something to rave about by performing each grooming task to your best ability.

Learning Quality Grooming Services at Florida Pet Grooming School

If you have the concern for animals but lack the knowledge and skills in pet grooming, you still have the option of becoming a professional and invaluable pet groomer. Merryfield School of Pet Grooming teaches students the abilities and knowledge needed to become successful in the Florida pet grooming industry. Additionally, we are the only pet grooming school in the nation that provides financial aid for students who cannot afford tuition on their own. Check out the services and classes that we offer on our website, and feel free to contact us to learn more about enrollment today.





Qualification Requirements for Florida’s #1 Pet Grooming School

3:08 pm in By Danny Donovan

If you wish to attend the nation’s only pet grooming school that is accredited and provides students with financial aid to help pay for tuition, some requirements must be met. Meeting these requirements provides Merryfield school of pet grooming the proper information needed to review potential financial aid and other determining factors of enrollment.

Initial Interview

During the initial interview, the financial aid department will pull a record from the NSLDS report that provides information on defaulted loans, aggregate limits, and overlapping loans. The office of financial aid will also review any previous education records to determine if you are a right fit for the institution.

Financial Aid

Eligibility for financial aid depends solely on qualification requirements. Students that qualify for financial aid will:

  •   Have a need for financial aid
  •   Be a full-time regular attending student working towards attaining a certification or degree
  •   Be a United States citizen or noncitizen who is eligible for financial assistance
  •   Have attained a high school diploma or its equivalent (for foreign students)
  •   Keep at least satisfactory performance grade averages to retain financial aid
  •   Possess a valid social security number
  •   If necessary, be registered to Selective Services
  •   Not be in default of past student loans
  •   Confirm that financial aid will be used solely for educational and tuition purposes

Will I Keep Financial Aid for Pet Grooming School if Convicted of a Crime?

If a student that has been awarded financial aid has been convicted on the federal or state level with the possession of illegal drugs, by the requirement of the Higher Education Act of 1964, financial aid must be suspended. This is only required when it has been proven that the drugs were in possession of the duration of time that financial aid was available to that student.

Eligibility for students that have been convicted of such crimes can be reactivated once two unexpected administered drug tests receive a passing score. Drug tests must be administered to the standards of the criteria set by the United States Department of Education.Qualification Requirements for Florida’s #1 Pet Grooming School

Those that have been convicted of sexual offenses are ineligible to receive federal Pell grants even if incarceration and forced community commitments have been completed by the requirements from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Enrolling in Merryfield School of Pet Grooming

If you think that you fit all the requirements for financial aid and would like to attend pet grooming school with the aid from government grants, please visit our website on ways to enroll. Your future as a professional pet groomer awaits you, all you have to do is take the first step!



What to Do When Grooming a Puppy for the First Time

9:13 pm in By Danny Donovan

The Importance of Grooming a Puppy

Grooming a puppy does more than making it look cute. Good grooming means good health, but something for every groomer to remember is that different types of dogs each have different grooming needs. There is not one single way for a professional pet groomer to groom a dog, and this includes puppies. Still, a puppy’s very first grooming experience should be approached a certain way.

Just like a child’s first haircut, a puppy’s first grooming is a momentous occasion that should be handled with care. Working with rambunctious or poorly-trained puppies can be a trying situation even for experienced pet groomers, but you have to bear in mind that your initial approach to grooming can have a lifelong impact on the puppy being groomed— and it’s critical for the dog’s mental health to make it a positive one.


Preparing the Puppy for the First Grooming

During the first grooming session, the main objective is to familiarize the puppy with the process and space. When the puppy and its owners first arrive, be sure to introduce yourself and talk in soothing tones to build trust. Showing affection by petting or playing with the puppy will also show that the grooming experience is enjoyable. Above all, be patient. The salon is a new place with distracting sights and smells. Additionally, the puppy may initially be afraid of the clippers, dryers, and grooming tables, as it will be its first time being exposed to such tools. Showing the puppy that it is in a friendly atmosphere will help it to relax and cooperate during the grooming process.


When Grooming Begins

As a pet groomer, you should always keep the first grooming session with a puppy short. The puppy will perform better and get more used to being handled by a groomer in a short session as opposed to a full one.

During the grooming process, the puppy should always be loosely restrained. This will allow you to keep control of the puppy without scaring it. Also, even though the grooming session will be short, it’s always best to start slowly and stick with the basics. The following services are the best for grooming a puppy for the first time:


BathingGrooming a Puppy

Giving the puppy a standard bath with appropriate shampoos and conditioners is the best way to get started. By lathering at the neck and working your way down toward the back legs and tail, you’re giving the puppy a calming massage with the bath. It’s recommended to use a washcloth for the puppy’s face to avoid getting soap in its eyes.



All dogs need brushing every now and then— some more than others. Brushing keeps the puppy’s coat healthy and reduces shedding, which is a relief for mom and dad. It’s relatively easy, but always remember to be careful with the inner thighs and tail, as they are especially sensitive areas that the puppy is not used to having touched.



The most common problem that most people have when trimming their dogs’ claws at home is that they tend to trim them the way they would trim their own nails. However, doing that will actually hurt the puppy. Unlike humans, dogs have a blood vessel that runs down into the nail. This is called a ‘quick,’ and when it gets trimmed, it hurts the animal. Dog groomers know to clip only the portion of nail beyond the quick, but sometimes trimming a puppy’s nails is more challenging. To avoid hurting the puppy during its first grooming, be sure to cut small slices from the tip of the nail at a forty-five-degree angle to avoid the quick.


When Grooming is Finished

It usually takes two or three sessions for a puppy to become completely comfortable with its groomer and the grooming process. But if the first visit goes the right way, this will enable you as a certified pet groomer to establish a lifelong relationship with your new furry client. For more tips on how to go about first grooming a puppy as a newly certified groomer, call Merryfield at 954-771-4030.

Why It’s Important to Know Different Types of Dog Breeds

1:18 pm in By Danny Donovan

One of the most important aspects of being a successful dog groomer is maintaining professional standards at all times. Clients trust their beloved pets to groomers, so they need to be sure that the person Different Types of Dog Breedsin charge of grooming and caring for their pet is knowledgeable and capable of the task at hand. The groomer must display professionalism at all times, and that starts with the very first meeting with the client and their dog. One major component of professionalism is industry knowledge and a passion for the field. This is demonstrated when groomers can recognize and identify different types of dog breeds immediately upon meeting a dog.

Recognizing Different Types of Dog Breeds

If you can accurately name a client’s dog breed when you first encounter them, the client will be much more assured that you will deliver a quality grooming experience that meets breed standards for their pet. Clients with purebred pets are generally enthusiastic about their particular choice of breed and are well-versed in that breed’s grooming standards.They will want to be confident that the groomer they have chosen will be capable of delivering a clean, well-executed cut that adheres to established standards for their breed.

Clients who own mixed breed pets will also need to be assured that their groomer is capable of mixing and matching different cut styles and techniques to deliver a final product that is modified to best fit and flatter their dog.

Professionalism and Quality

Recognizing different types of dog breeds or mixed breeds immediately upon meeting clients goes a long way toward establishing a good client-groomer connection and maintaining professionalism. It also helps the groomer to complete each job quickly while maintaining quality, as oftentimes, the grooming techniques necessary for a job depend on the pet’s breed. For example, hand stripping should be done on most terrier breeds, with the exception of four: the Bedlington terrier, the soft-coated Wheaten terrier, the Kerry Blue terrier, and the Cesky terrier. An experienced dog groomer should be able to recognize these different types of dog breeds and immediately identify whether or not the hand stripping technique is appropriate, for example.

Breed Standards

Different types of dog breeds require different grooming techniques because of the long history of breed standards and how they developed. The American Kennel Club recognizes hundreds of different breeds of dogs.

The history of breed standards began around the nineteenth century, according to The Kennel Club. Dogs were first bred to have certain characteristics, temperaments, and physical builds, primarily to perform different jobs, such as hunting, herding, or sporting. For example, poodles were traditionally bred to hunt and retrieve waterfowl. Their thick, curly coat is resistant to water and only single layer, making it ideal for a dog that’s in and out of the water (it doesn’t get waterlogged as easily and makes for faster drying.) However, this type of coat can result in significant matting and requires special techniques to properly groom, such as force drying on 50% to leave the coat slightly damp for fluff drying.

This is only one example of how breed standards and the history of different types of dog breeds impacts grooming standards for them today. While most dogs are no longer used for their original working purpose, and they are more commonly owned as pets and companions today, their original breed standards and purpose still affect how they should be groomed. Many different types of dog breeds are groomed to accentuate their unique qualities.

Providing an Excellent Grooming Experience

Recognizing different types of dog breed has a few benefits for groomers. Identifying the type of dog you are grooming will help to determine the cut pattern they need, which techniques to use to achieve it, and how the dog should look overall at the completion of the process. Having an in-depth knowledge of different breeds and their grooming standards will assist the groomer in delivering a quality cut for purebred dogs. It will also help with the grooming of mixed breed dogs because it will help the groomer to select different classic cuts to mix and match for each dog to develop the most flattering style.

In addition to helping determine proper grooming techniques, being able to identify different types of dog breeds helps the groomer to connect with the client and instill trust and confidence in their grooming skills. Dog owners are passionate about their pets, and groomers should demonstrate this same level of passion for their craft.

At Merryfield School of Pet Grooming, we teach students proper grooming techniques for many different types of dogs, including mixed, terrier, non-sporting, drop coat, and miscellaneous breeds. If you want to become a groomer with high-quality training and experience, contact us today at 954-771-4030 for information on application and enrollment.

Are you Qualified to Enroll into Pet Grooming Courses?

1:05 pm in By Danny Donovan

Thinking about investing into a future as a professional pet groomer? Believe it or not, you have to be a specific type of person to be successful as a professional pet groomer. It takes dedication, hard work, and focus to become successful at anything. But even more for pet groomers, they have to be passionate about what they do. Before investing into pet grooming courses, find out if you are the type of person qualified to eventually become a professional in the industry.

The Physical Capabilities a Pet Groomer Needs

Although pet grooming may seem like a job most people could accomplish with ease, it’s not. There are some physical demands the job requires. You’ll need to be able to assist dogs that weigh close to 100 pounds, as well as be able to bend over to assist small animals. Other than bending and lifting, your body should react well to animals on a biological level. Those with allergies to cats or dogs may not find themselves happy or healthy after choosing a career as a pet groomer.

Communicative Capabilities a Pet Groomer Needs

Are you Qualified to Enroll into Pet Grooming Courses?While animals cannot speak our language, their guardians can. The pets won’t be the one to pay your bills, the clients will. For this reason, professional pet groomers should have adequate communication skills. You will need to effectively communicate pricing, the grooming process, and any noticeable health issues a pet may need to be cared for by a veterinarian. Also, communication with the client allows you as a groomer to produce the haircut that fits the customer’s expectations best.

The Capability of Versatility a Pet Groomer Needs

Not all dogs are the same, nor are their needs. There will undoubtedly be a moment in time when you are grooming a pet and something unexpected comes up, forcing you to come up with an alternative solution to a problem. Whether it be a different haircut, shampoo, or handling of the pet, you’ll need to utilize the skill of versatility and adaptation to offer a different plan for the pet that requires your services. If you can’t be versatile, you will likely become overwhelmed with problems that need to be solved in other ways than you are accustomed to.

The Empathy and Love for Animals a Pet Groomer Needs

Sure, most of the pets that are going to come through the doors of a pet grooming business will be well behaved and used to the experience of a groom. But, there will obviously be a pet every now and again that is fearful, aggressive, or just downright uncooperative. Your love and empathy for animals must overcome the cons of a less than well-behaved animal. If you don’t have an understanding for dogs and cats, they will not feel comfortable enough in your presence to enjoy the experience of their groom. If you are not confident around animals enough to deal with the occasional challenging experience, you will most likely have a challenging time as a professional pet groomer.

The Grooming Courses a Pet Groomer Needs

Currently, not all states require pet groomers to gain certification, but those who do set themselves up for a successful career. If you think that you have the qualifications listed above, then your best chance to become successful as a pet groomer is to invest your time in grooming courses. This is where you will gain the necessary training, experience, and knowledge you will need to start a business or get hired right away. Ready to get learning today? Consider the only nationally accredited pet grooming school in the U.S. that offers federal funding to qualifying students, Merryfield School of Pet Grooming in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Want to hear more about our grooming courses? Give us a call today at (954) 771-4030 for a free consultation and more information on grooming courses that can put you on the right path to becoming a professional pet groomer!


Client Question: Why are Pet Grooming Services Important?

5:25 pm in By Danny Donovan

Once you complete your study and become a Professional certified Pet Groomer, you will be exposed to a world of pets that need your grooming services. But a number of pet owners do not understand the complete benefits of pet grooming services. They may think that their pet only needs their nails clipped or another singular service, so it is important to spread the knowledge that you have learned in school to your customers who care for the lives of their pets. Pet grooming services are so much more than just a haircut; they are beneficial to the health of our furry friends!

Hair Cuts for Health Care

Some breeds of dogs have hair that grows continuously and needs to be cut at the very least every few months. Without a cut, this continuously growing fur can create mats that can be a breeding ground for infectious agents on a dog’s skin. Additionally, allowing for mats of hair to form will create pain for the pet when a cut finally does occur. Lastly, a nice professional haircut always makes a pet look much more presentable and well-taken care of.

The Benefits of Nail Care

Pet grooming services include nail care because it is important to clip a pet’s nails frequently. If they are neglected and grow out too long, they are at risk for getting caught in flooring or breaking, causing pain to the animal. Additionally, frequent clipping allows for the quick (a soft nerve-filled cuticle within the hard coating of the nail) to recede and allow for shorter nails. Lastly, allowing professionals to trim a pet’s nails ensures the safety of the pet as an expert pet groomer will know how to handle a pet carefully and safely.

Early Detection of Something Wrong

During classes at Merryfield Pet Grooming School, students are required to research and learn about the anatomy of pets. This will allow them when they become pet grooming professionals, to accurately identify if skin conditions or other medical issues are affecting a pet. Although pet grooming professionals are not veterinarians or provide any medical care, they are experts in pet beauty and are able to recognize pet behaviors and conditions. This means that a client that has a pet that is often groomed is more likely to be nClient Question: Why are Pet Grooming Services Important?otified of a pet’s health problems before they can be mended. Early detection can save pet lives, and much of pet disease early detection happens in the pet grooming industry.

The Removal of Unwanted Dead Skin Cells

When a pet’s coat is healthy, it is a sign of good health. Pet grooming services include bathing, combing, and brushing; all which work to remove dead skin cells from a dog’s coat. Frequent grooming and removal of this dead skin allow for better circulation, resulting in better health for pets along with a beautiful shiny coat.

Want to be a Professional that Provides Pet Grooming Services?

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