Grooming A Dog Without Injury

August 10, 2018 in Pet Grooming By Paradigm

dog groomerAnyone who loves animals knows that being a pet groomer can be very rewarding and potentially lucrative profession. However, this is one of the most challenging professions within the pet industry, especially since this field presents the greatest potential for injuries and accidents– to pets and groomers. Groomers often find themselves servicing frightened, squirmy, uncooperative or even downright aggressive pets.

Many groomers work with sharp objects, heated dryers, grooming tables, water and other potentially hazardous objects and safety issues that can pose problems while grooming a pet. Even the most experienced, skilled and responsible pet groomers are not immune from mishaps or periodic accidents, often through no real fault of their own. So, you may be thinking, “how can I groom a pet without causing an injury?

We all know accidents can happen. Why not take the steps to prevent injuries when grooming a dog or cat? Well, let us share four important tips for preventing pet grooming injuries and accidents at the Dog grooming school.

Let Us Prepare You to Become a dog groomer to Learn from Other Pet Grooming Accidents

We’ve all heard the horror stories related to pet grooming. Literally! There have been reports of unattended dogs being hanged by grooming loops when they have accidentally fell from or attempted to jump off of grooming tables, dogs succumbing to heat exhaustion after being left under too-hot dryers, and dogs being attacked and severely injured or even killed by other dog customers. These may be extreme, rare examples of the kinds of accidents that can happen in pet grooming salons. But this illustrates how important it is for groomers to stay on their toes and be prepared for anything.

Learn Important Safety Tips by Taking Dog grooming classes

What to Look for In a Pet Grooming SchoolSo, many students prepare to enter the pet industry profession but lack the skills, knowledge and proper techniques of properly grooming a pet. We can help students prepare at the Dog grooming school by working with grooming equipment, customer relations, bathing, hair drying, diseases of the skin, and safety tips. Make sure the equipment you use ensures maximum safety for pets, your employees and yourself.

When it comes to clipping or shaving pets, especially dogs be careful because they have extremely matted coats. As the mats may be very close to the skin surface, this presents a greater potential for cuts and nicks. So, if possible, draw the mat away from the skin with a comb before clipping. If this is not possible, consider shaving the pet.

Be mindful when working in a salon, mobile grooming, or in a Veterinary practice the floors can be slippery causing slips and falls. To prevent slips and falls on wet floors, dry them immediately. This goes for any areas where customers may be present. As such, be sure to clean up any poop or pee-pee in your waiting areas. Also, to prevent dogs in a salon or Veterinary practice from aggressively attacking other dogs make sure you separate the pets to prevent fights.

If you are unsure how to handle puppies, older dogs, and overweight pets with particular care. There are certain last but not least, patience and gentleness really are great virtues in this profession. Always remain calm and speak to the pets in a soft, soothing voice.

What to Do in the Event of Injuries or Accidents at Dog grooming schools in Florida

Even the most experienced and responsible pet groomers are not immune from accidents and injured pets or being injured themselves. So advanced preparation and always anticipating a worst-case scenario are crucial to preparing at the dog grooming school. Remember to always have a first aid kit on hand for pets and people, with peroxide, gauze, antibiotic cream and band-aids.

Make Sure to Have a Plan in Place at the Dog grooming schools

When you have a serious emergency that happens, now is the perfect time to figure out a course of action. Remember to think ahead and write down the steps you need to take in order to act first. A piece of paper with numbers for local veterinarians and a simple pre-planned outline is all you need.

Find Us at a Dog grooming school near me

If you need to learn more grooming tips without injuring or hurting a pet come to the dog grooming school at Merryfield Academy. We offer day and evening programs. We have facilities that are excellent and administrative staff with over 35 years in the pet industry. When we put this all together, it gives our students a wealth of information, a solid foundation and a confidence to know that when they graduate, they will have a great start in our profession. We assist in job placement, have school financing, and will help our graduates go into business for themselves.

We are very excited to help new students or adults learn about the important measures of properly grooming a pet. People today treat their pets like their children, and rightfully so! They are our “Fur Children” and we care and adore them! When this feeling exists, it spills out into all aspects of care and we are a part of that caring process!


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