Why Attend Pet Grooming School?

If you have decided that pet grooming is your next career move you have come to the right place. Becoming a pet groomer is easier than ever before. Individuals can attend grooming school, obtain apprenticeship, or self-teach online. Sadly, no states have vocational requirements for pet groomers. Pets are an important part of our families, and we want the best groomers to take care of them. Getting formal training from a pet grooming school will give you the skills and confidence to take care of the animals properly.

Going to a pet grooming school is an excellent choice if you aspire to become a professional groomer. All the resources and knowledge you get access to in school will help you become a professional in the field. Certification will show that you are well qualified for jobs and don’t require further training.

Grooming school will give you a great foundation to start your career. In a short period of time, you will learn proper styling techniques and valuable grooming skills. Most schools will start with a bather and brusher course before they move into grooming. This is a natural place to start in the grooming industry as it exposes you to the dirtier, more hands-on aspects of the job. Grooming school also provides the opportunity to evaluate if pet grooming is the right career choice without making a significant commitment.

By attending a formal pet grooming school and then apprenticing you build an excellent background in the fundamentals of the grooming business. Grooming school will teach you proper equipment use, safe pet handling, and appropriate styling techniques so you can be confident in your professional grooming abilities.

Benefits of Attending a Pet Grooming School

When you enroll in pet grooming courses, you experience opportunities to work with a variety of grooming products and learn techniques that you would otherwise never know of. Learning on your own or getting on the job training only exposes you to the equipment and techniques that you have access to. How will you know if tools exist that would make your job easier? You may even be using antiquated or potentially unsafe methods unknowingly. Attending a formal program exposes you to all the standards the industry has to offer, and you can determine for yourself how you like to do things.

Another substantial benefit of getting formal training from a pet grooming school is that you will learn proper techniques for dealing with difficult or agitated pets. Pet groomers must have good pet handling skills to safely and effectively perform their duties.

Obviously, you must animals, but that alone will not make you a successful groomer. You can only learn the hands-on skill of dealing with difficult animals from exposure and experience, which you will obtain from our program.

You will learn exciting new skills and spend almost every day with loving animals; school will never be boring! Pet grooming presents new challenges every day, making it a dynamic and exciting career choice. No two days will be the same, as you get to work with different animals every day. If you dislike routine tasks and repetitiveness, but love animals, pet grooming could be a great career for you.

Many people do not know that becoming a professional pet groomer is a lucrative career choice. Salary depends on your specific role. For instance, if you run your own pet grooming business, you may earn less money in the beginning but eventually surpass veterinary office or rescue clinic salaries. Whatever you do, the average price to get your pet groomed is $60 across the country. When you multiply that by how many pets you can see in a day, you get an idea of what kind of living you can make as a professional groomer.

Skills you should have to become a pet groomer:

You should have a passion for animals first and foremost if you want a career as a groomer. You will be working with animals daily, so it should be something you enjoy. You must also remember that the pets you are working with are members of a loving family. Other necessary skills:

  • You need to be strong physically and mentally. (This career choice will challenge you in ways you have never been pushed before)
  • Patience (you may get peed on)
  • Good multitasking skills
  • Great customer service skills
  • Good time management
  • Strong organization

When you become a professional pet groomer, you will likely become part of many pets lives, and this can be hard at times. Empathy and compassion are very important when you are dealing with a loved pet.

What to Look for In a Pet Grooming School

When examining pet grooming school, contact the school and determine if the instructors are certified. Here at Merryfield Academy of Pet Grooming, our instructors are certified master groomers with over 20 years of experience. Instructor certification inspires confidence in your education’s quality and offers the peace of mind that you are learning from experienced instructors.

When you visit schools of interest ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you bring your own pet here?
  • Does it smell bad?
  • Is it clean?
  • Are the pets safely confined?
  • Are the pets and groomers safe?
  • Are the instructors giving tips while students groom, or just watching?

After visiting the Merryfield Academy, you will be able to answer these questions positively. Our school is a place of pride, and we genuinely care about our students and pets.

More reasons to choose our school:

  • Daytime and evening classes available
  • Federal aid available to those who qualify
  • Assistance in job placement
  • Assistance in starting your own business

If you are serious about becoming a professional dog groomer, start the enrollment process today.

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