The Unlimited Potential for Success of a Merryfield Graduate

5:01 pm in Uncategorized By Danny Donovan

You may be wondering if a career in pet grooming has the potential for success. While horror stories are spread nationwide about hard working individuals losing their jobs after 20-30 years, pet groomers are nestled in their secure industry never to fret about job security. The pet industry has proven to be beneficial to those who invest their time and work hard. Additionally, It is filled with people who love animals and engage with pets on a daily basis. If you are considering tapping into the unlimited success that the pet grooming industry provides, Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is […]

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Merryfield Pet Grooming School: Finding New Customers

8:06 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

If you want a pet grooming business you must have customers. Merryfield Pet Grooming School can teach you business tactics like how to gain and keep a solid customer base. Finding customers can be made difficult by the number of competitors in your area, but learning a few tips can help. One in a Million Customers have a choice on where they want to get their pet groomed. Why do you think they should choose your business instead of the one down the street from you? You need to make your company stand out from others. You do this by […]

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Learning to Develop a Bond between Pet and Groomer at Merryfield

4:53 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Part of becoming a successful groomer is developing and maintaining a bond between your clients and yourself. Pets are more likely to react to the experience of grooming with a positive attitude when they are treated with respect from the moment they arrive. The Merryfield Pet Grooming School encourages the bond between groomer and pets because it creates a delightful grooming experience for you as the groomer, the client, and the pet. Be Aware of Smells Dogs and cats have highly sensitive noses. They can smell things that a human won’t even know exists. A pet’s sense of smell can […]

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What to Remember about Puppy Grooming

6:39 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Puppy grooming is a great way for a new family friend to become accustomed to grooming procedures. Grooming is an important way to maintain a puppy’s health and happiness. Grooming a puppy can also keep an owner aware of any problems that might occur in a dog’s overall health. Monitoring a dog for cuts, fleas, and skin conditions regularly can prevent any lasting problems, which is an important aspect in a young dog’s life.   Dog Grooming vs. Puppy Grooming There are a few differences in dog grooming and puppy grooming to be aware of. Puppies are smaller than full […]

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Benefits of Attending a Pet Grooming School in Florida

9:26 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

  If you want to become a pet groomer, you need the proper knowledge and training to become successful in the industry. Florida is the perfect place to go to pet grooming school for many reasons. Financial Aid: Florida is the perfect place to attend pet grooming school because it contains the only grooming school that offers financial aid to its students. The Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is the only school in the country that is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The ACCSC is a part of the list of accrediting agencies recognized […]

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High-End Brushes & Combs

9:00 am in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

  With the changing pet care industry, it can be hard to stay on top of all the new technology, techniques, and other abilities this day and age has to offer. However, with these new things comes the capability to care for our grooming tasks in a way that’s safer and more efficient. When it comes to our four-legged friends, we all want the best for them. High-end combs and brushes can make their lives and our lives easier, especially when it comes to especially fussy pets or tight scheduling. There are tons of benefits to investing in these top […]

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The Art of Setting Expectations

2:31 pm in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

We’ve all had those occasions where our expectations are not aligned with the outcome we receive. A lot of the times, groomers may experience this with clients who aren’t well-versed with your grooming routine. An experienced groomer has a clear idea of what each pet is going to look like but clients don’t always have that advantage. Here are our tips and tricks for dealing of the aftermath of that disappointed customer and curbing the worst of the issues that may arise. After you spend a little time reading, you’ll have mastered the art of setting expectations.

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Dog Handling for Professional Pet Grooming

2:35 pm in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

For those of you who are curious about professional pet grooming, it is indeed a great field of study and practice to get involved with. Of course people will think and ask you how many times you will be bitten by the random dogs that come inside your workplace, but if you know what you are doing, you should not be getting dog bites every week, eventually leading to the resignation of your pet grooming profession. Dog handling in the professional world is all about technique, and after years of practice, you’ll love dogs more and more. Dog bites do […]

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Vets and Groomers Can (And Should!) Be Friends

2:11 pm in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

A part of being a great groomer is knowing how to cultivate great relationships with your furry clientele, their owners, and a veterinarian. Many new, and even some seasoned, groomers don’t realize the importance of establishing a good relationship with a vet in their area, but the truth is, this is one of the most important relationships you can have. At Merryfield School of Pet Grooming we believe that a good vet and groomer relationship can be mutually beneficial.

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10 Tips to Improve Pet Grooming Speed

5:04 pm in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

At the Merryfield School of Pet Grooming we emphasize four different aspects of pet grooming: confidence, accuracy, skill, and speed. While we train all of our students on all these different aspects at our South Florida pet grooming school, we do get an overwhelming amount of inquiries from students regarding how they can improve their pet grooming speed. While we don’t recommend trying to speed up your grooming time simply for a chance to earn more money, we do believe that everyone can benefit from a few tips on how to groom faster, especially once skills and accuracy have been […]

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