Why It’s Important to Know Different Types of Dog Breeds

1:18 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Why It’s Important to Know Different Types of Dog Breeds

One of the most important aspects of being a successful dog groomer is maintaining professional standards at all times. Clients trust their beloved pets to groomers, so they need to be sure that the person in charge of grooming and caring for their pet is knowledgeable and capable of the task at hand. The groomer must display professionalism at all times, and that starts with the very first meeting with the client and their dog. One major component of professionalism is industry knowledge and a passion for the field. This is demonstrated when groomers can recognize and identify different types […]

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Interesting Pet Grooming Facts that You Didn’t Know

1:30 pm in General By Danny Donovan

Pets are a huge part of our day to day lives. They greet us when we come home, comfort us when we aren’t feeling well, and are always happy to see us. What more can we ask? To pay them back with all the love they provide, we make sure that we take care of them by offering them food, shelter, and care. For many pets, care includes routine grooming that improves health and the overall well-being of both dogs and cats. For those that wish to look into pet grooming services for their fur children or have a desire […]

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Are you Qualified to Enroll into Pet Grooming Courses?

1:05 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Thinking about investing into a future as a professional pet groomer? Believe it or not, you have to be a specific type of person to be successful as a professional pet groomer. It takes dedication, hard work, and focus to become successful at anything. But even more for pet groomers, they have to be passionate about what they do. Before investing into pet grooming courses, find out if you are the type of person qualified to eventually become a professional in the industry. The Physical Capabilities a Pet Groomer Needs Although pet grooming may seem like a job most people […]

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The Difference in Self and Professional Grooming

5:43 pm in Uncategorized By Danny Donovan

Have a furry friend that needs a groom but you would rather opt to just do it yourself? There are pros and cons to grooming pets yourself, but there are a few tricks that you won’t be able to master at home. It is important not to miss a few grooming steps if you do decide to go at it yourself. However, there are a few steps that can be done in between professional grooms. Discover the difference between self and professional grooming so that you can decide for yourself. Determining What’s Right for your Pet Your pet may not […]

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Exploring the Importance of Expressing Anal Glands of Dogs

5:26 pm in Uncategorized By Danny Donovan

When you decided that you wanted to look into a career as a professional pet grooming dog gland expression probably wasn’t your reason for doing so. Although it may not be a benefit for the groomer, anal gland exposure is extremely beneficial to pets that visit you at the salon. Understanding the reasoning and importance behind expressing anal glands for dogs allows us to be more knowledgeable as groomers and be more accepting of the process. Why Do Pets have Anal Glands? Anal glands are used in the wild to mark territory or warn predators, much like the stink of […]

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Client Question: Why are Pet Grooming Services Important?

5:25 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Once you complete your study and become a Professional certified Pet Groomer, you will be exposed to a world of pets that need your grooming services. But a number of pet owners do not understand the complete benefits of pet grooming services. They may think that their pet only needs their nails clipped or another singular service, so it is important to spread the knowledge that you have learned in school to your customers who care for the lives of their pets. Pet grooming services are so much more than just a haircut; they are beneficial to the health of […]

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How Behavioral Cues Help Us Understand Dogs

3:25 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

When pet parents bring their dogs to a groomer, they are placing all of their trust in the facility and its employees. Dogs are like family members; their owners expect them to be treated with a high-quality level of care, compassion, and love. Bringing a beloved pet to the groomer can be nerve-wracking for clients, and it can be stressful for the dogs, too. As a pet groomer, understanding dog behavioral cues can help to provide a better experience for pets and for their owners, and help you to deliver the care that clients expect. How Behavioral Cues Help Us […]

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Why is Sanitation an Important Aspect of Grooming Services?

3:24 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

When people decide that it is time for their furry friend to take advantage of grooming services, they are placing the health, safety, and happiness of their pet in the groomer’s hands. This means that pet groomers are expected to show compassion to pets in their care. But, the way that you handle a customer’s pet is not the only way to show animals in your care compassion! Focusing on proper sanitation techniques while administering grooming services is an important aspect of the business that will show the customer that you care about the health, safety, and happiness of their […]

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The Benefits of a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

7:30 pm in Pet Grooming By Danny Donovan

Many pet groomers nowadays are leaving their shops behind and starting mobile pet grooming businesses. These transportable businesses offer many benefits for customers, their pets, and professional groomers. Exploring business options before enrolling in Merryfield School of Pet Grooming will give you the confidence you need to decide what path in pet grooming to take after graduation. Benefits of a Mobile Grooming Business Mobility: Instead of only allowing for your customer to come to you, a mobile grooming business allows for the service to come to the customer. This means that a customer doesn’t even necessarily have to be present […]

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Merryfield Pet Grooming School in Florida and Proper Ear Care

2:48 pm in Uncategorized By Danny Donovan

  Along with bathing and styling, Merryfield Pet Grooming School understands that proper ear care is vital to pet grooming. Ear care is essential to a pet’s health and happiness. For this reason, Merryfield Pet Grooming School in Florida teaches its students how to properly care for and clean a pet’s ears. If you choose to attend Merryfield Pet Grooming School, you will be taught the following and more about proper pet ear care. Ear Care Taught at Merryfield Pet Grooming School in Florida Clientele Information: Proper documentation is ideal when dealing with pets that have ears that do not […]

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