Can We Call A Dog Groomer A Master Stylist?

June 28, 2018 in Pet Grooming By Paradigm

Dog groomers are becoming more and more common, as dog owners want their dogs to be well cared for. A good groomer can prevent knotting and matting, and have your dog looking tidy and neat in no time. Can we really call them master stylists, though? We here at Merryfield Academy Of Pet Grooming, we like to think so. Here’s why a dog groomer really is a master stylist.

It’s More Than Just A Trim

Any good pet groomer isn’t just going to give your dog a wash down and a clip before sending you on your way. They’re trained to be holistic in their approach in dog grooming school. A good groomer will look over your dog and ensure that they’re in the best shape they can be physical.

For example, before they get into cutting your dog’s fur, they’ll inspect their skin for any issues that could be exacerbated by the process. They’ll also take on jobs such as trimming nails and cleaning ears, making your dog as comfortable and healthy as possible.

They Care About Your Dog’s Experience

Dog GroomerThink about your own regular hair stylist. They’re not just looking to cut your hair and then move onto the next client. They care about the experience you have while you’re in their salon. The music, the small talk, it’s all part of the service to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

The same goes for the best dog groomers. They’ll set up their salons so dogs will feel calm and relaxed as soon as they step foot inside. They know they’ll be able to do a better job if they’re working with a happy dog, so they look to remove cages wherever possible and learn about canine behavior so they can put dogs at ease.

A Groomer Knows Their Breeds

The same cut isn’t going to work on all dogs. Before they can even groom your dog, groomers need to go through extensive training on how to recognize and groom different breeds. A Yorkshire terrier is going to need a very different style of cut to a German shepherd, for example. Knowing the difference and being able to perform the right cut on your dog is the sign of a skilled dog groomer.

A Groomer Can Specialize In Luxury Treatments

Just like a human salon, a dog grooming service can offer all kinds of treatments to your dog. After all, you love them and want them to have the best of everything, including salon treatments. Some dog grooming schools teach their students massage, or even facials and mud baths.

If you’re looking for a more out there looking for your pooch, a groomer can do that too. It’s possible to get your dog’s fur temporarily dyed, or clipped into fun shapes. There’s a lot of groomers who are experienced in dog shows, so they know how to get attention with their styling skills.

Good Groomers Care About The Products They Use

Merryfield Academy Of Pet GroomingJust like a human stylist, a dog groomer will care about the products they use on the dogs in their care. Usually, these products are all natural, designed especially for animals, and should only serve to improve a dog’s fur and skin.

Anything that could irritate or harm an animal will be banned from their salon. Some groomers are so dedicated to this that they create their own animal skin and fur care ranges. These can include products like paw pad protection, dog shampoo, and nose moisturizer.

Groomers Undergo Intense Training

To be one of the best dog groomers, you’ve got to undergo training at dog grooming classes, such as the classes we offer. These are designed to set a future dog groomer up with everything that they need to know. That includes breed recognition, canine health care, and the correct way to cut and tidy a dog’s fur. With the right training, a regular dog groomer can indeed become a master stylist.

There you have it. Like all stylists, all dog groomers aren’t cut from the same cloth. Some groomers are just regular groomers, and some are actual master dog stylists. If you’re interested in becoming a stylist, why not come to see what we can do for you?


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