Here’s Why You Should Become a Professional Pet Groomer

Professional dog grooming is a great career path! There are so many benefits, starting with the fact that groomers get to spend time with amazing pets every single day. Have you ever considered learning more about the are of pet grooming? Not sure about the pros and cons of pursuing it? Don’t worry; we’ve got […]

Professionally Treating Dog Eye Tear Stains

Everyone has seen them; the brownish-red discoloration dog eye tear stains. Most visible on dogs with white fur like the Maltese, these stains are a common concern. For professional groomers and pet owners alike, these “angel eyes”, as they’re so affectionately nicknamed, are a hassle to deal with. But, before you can learn how to […]

Interesting Pet Grooming Facts that you Didn’t Know

Pets are a huge part of our day to day lives. They greet us when we come home, comfort us when we aren’t feeling well, and are always happy to see us. What more can we ask? To pay them back with all the love they provide, we make sure that we take care of […]

The Difference in Self and Professional Grooming

Have a furry friend that needs a groom but you would rather opt to just do it yourself? There are pros and cons to grooming pets yourself, but there are a few tricks that you won’t be able to master at home. It is important not to miss a few grooming steps if you do […]

Exploring the Importance of Expressing Anal Glands of Dogs

When you decided that you wanted to look into a career as a professional pet grooming dog gland expression probably wasn’t your reason for doing so. Although it may not be a benefit for the groomer, anal gland exposure is extremely beneficial to pets that visit you at the salon. Understanding the reasoning and importance […]

Merryfield Pet Grooming School in Florida and Proper Ear Care

Along with bathing and styling, Merryfield Pet Grooming School understands that proper ear care is vital to pet grooming. Ear care is essential to a pet’s health and happiness. For this reason, Merryfield Pet Grooming School in Florida teaches its students how to properly care for and clean a pet’s ears. If you choose to […]

The Unlimited Potential for Success of a Merryfield Graduate

You may be wondering if a career in pet grooming has the potential for success. While horror stories are spread nationwide about hard working individuals losing their jobs after 20-30 years, pet groomers are nestled in their secure industry never to fret about job security. The pet industry has proven to be beneficial to those […]

How to Handle a Difficult but Groomable Pet

Turning your love of animals into a rewarding career could be a dream come true if you learn proper professional grooming techniques from the instructors at the Merryfield School – “”. Instructors have more than 60 years of experience in grooming pets. Dog shows have increased the popularity of this profession. Learn how to use […]

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