Turning your love of animals into a rewarding career could be a dream come true if you learn proper professional grooming techniques from the instructors at the Merryfield School – “”. Instructors have more than 60 years of experience in grooming pets. Dog shows have increased the popularity of this profession. Learn how to use techniques and tools to perform different tasks, like grooming difficult and ungroomable pets.

“What is an ungroomable pet?”

All pets have natural sensitivities, but an ungroomable pet is so aggressive that it will try to scratch or bite the groomer. If this behavior cannot be changed, then the animal is considered ungroomable. The extreme ungroomable pet is “banned” from salons. Some people have a natural affinity for animals. Animals also love these people. Grooming must be safe for the human and animal. Care, firmness, techniques and tools should be combined to make for a safe grooming process. The groomer should keep the animal comfortable by being careful with the head, feet and rear. There should be gentle encouragement for good behavior and gentle correction for bad behavior. A quiet word of praise or petting can reinforce good behavior. Gentle, but firm control of the grooming process is essential. The professional groomer must guide and control the animal by holding the animal while clipping or bathing. Animals can sense “fear” and other emotions. The professional groomer must be level-headed and not show feelings. Avoid extremes of “baby talk” or yelling. Calm the animal down. “Techniques, Tools & Environment” Having a well-groomed, nice-smelling, healthy pet makes the entire experience of animal ownership better. Professional groomers use hand and body positioning to control the animal by keeping the teeth away from the human. The groomer must hold the animal firmly, but gently. Firm control of the animal prevents twisting or movement that could lead to a bite. Professional teachers will teach students their secrets to grooming pets safely. A comb can be used with leash restriction to protect against an animal attack. Safer clippers can be used for grooming animals that might move around. The grooming environment must be free of distractions that might excite the pet. Mail carriers reward dogs with treats to create a positive reaction. Aggressiveness differs by dog breeds. Expert grooming instructors will help students understand these facts.

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