You may be wondering if a career in pet grooming has the potential for success. While horror stories are spread nationwide about hard working individuals losing their jobs after 20-30 years, pet groomers are nestled in their secure industry never to fret about job security. The pet industry has proven to be beneficial to those who invest their time and work hard. Additionally, It is filled with people who love animals and engage with pets on a daily basis. If you are considering tapping into the unlimited success that the pet grooming industry provides, Merryfield Academy is the perfect place to start.

Why is There so much Opportunity for Success?

The potential for success of a Merryfield Academy graduate is so likely because the pet industry is constantly growing. As of 1995, the pet industry earned over $20 billion dollars in profit. By 2015 that number rose to $60 billion and keeps growing daily. There are about 80 million dogs and 90 million cats considered pets in the United States alone. Chances are that a large fraction of these pets need grooming. The US economy is on the rise, and with that rise more individuals will acquire new pets. The numbers prove that each day the potential for success in pet grooming is only growing.

Job Placement Services at Merryfield Academy

Another reason for the success of a Merryfield Academy graduate is our job placement program. Currently, our rate for job placement in graduates that have completed the program is 97%. Although we cannot guarantee a job, our job placement service is a tool that is provided to all graduates of Merryfield Academy at no extra charge.

Career Services at Merryfield Academy

Along with our job placement service, we also provide our graduates with career services. These include providing aid for competitions, help with trade shows, and unlimited access to Merryfield’s online portfolio. Even if the graduate needs to utilize these services at a later time, these career services are available. For graduates wanting to start their own business, marketing strategies, website selection assistance, mobile salon selection advice, and branding and design assistance are all available. These services are also provided to students at no additional cost.The Unlimited Potential for Success of a Merryfield Graduate

Choosing Merryfield Academy

If you are ready to begin your career in the pet industry as a pet groomer, don’t delay. Enroll in Merryfield Academy today so that you can take ahold of the success that awaits you. More information can be found on our website listed in the catalog. If you have any questions please call us at (954) 771-4030. We would love to hear from you and provide you with any information that you may need to help in your career decision.

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