Employment Assistance, Student Services, Career Services, and Policies

Job Placement

When the student successfully completes the program, the school will assist the graduate with job placement at no additional charge. Please understand that this is not a job guarantee. There is not a direct or indirect guarantee implied. Graduates are not required to take a State examination in order to enter into the field of Professional Pet Grooming. If you are completing this program in a language other the English, this may reduce the employability where English is required.

Student Services

The school will provide a list of realtors who may assist with weekly/monthly apartment rentals. There are also extended stay hotels within a few miles of the school. Additional Services that are available includes; Help programs for students in need, NA & AA, Food Banks, Suicide Hotlines, Shelters, Gambling Anonymous. Please see the Student Services Coordinator/Registrar for any help that is needed.

Career Services

Graduate Professional development opportunities are available which include preparations for competitions, trade shows and the extended use of the school’s web-based portfolio site. If not immediately needed, future consultations at no charge are given for store set-up and design, site selections, mobile van selection assistance. Marketing assistance is also available to assist the new entrepreneur.

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