Course Code PG 106: Externship Description -100 Hours

The student is placed in an actual grooming “job-like” environment for the last 100 hours. The externship, which is a part of the teaching program, is a non-paid placement. This offers an on-the-job experience, whereby the student can perform the grooming skills learned; including customer relations, time management, sales techniques, etc. A proficiency report is submitted by the salon/supervisor and grade sheets are still a part of this module. Upon completion of 600 hours, a diploma is then awarded to the graduate

*Includes site evaluation by the Campus director.

Student Grades
Hands on Learning, evaluated by instructor: 80% of Grade
Attendance 20% of Grade

Grading Scale Grade Point Value
A 93-100 4
B 84-92 3
C 74-83 2
D 70-73 1
F 69-BELOW 0


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