Campus Security

Merryfield works hard to assure that you are safe and learn through its Department of Campus Safety and Security, which also has cooperative relationships with the City of Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Merryfield is a secure campus with a 24-hour security force and two monitored entrances (at the front, back and all side entrances).Everyone entering school must have their ID badge, and you need to register all guests in advance.

Parking & driving rules

Yes, you can bring your car. Students are free to park anywhere on Merryfield premises.
Students can park at one of several parking spots on Merryfield premises..

Emergency phones are located in the class rooms and are conveniently located at the front desk in case of an emergency.

Lightning Strike Precautions

South Florida is the lightning capital of the world, but not to worry.
The City of Oakland Park and City of Fort Lauderdale has a system for detecting and warning about lightning in the area, so you have time to get inside safely.

Crisis Plan

Merryfield has a standing Crisis Management Team that actively monitors, measures and enhances the school’s emergency response capabilities and infrastructure. This team is comprised of administrators, staff and faculty representing virtually every area of school, including the Director’s Office, Security Personnel, and among many others.

Merryfield team utilizes a comprehensive, three-part Crisis Management Plan, to guide the school’s response to threats ranging from hurricanes to epidemic outbreaks. This plan, which was built specifically for the Merryfield Academy, is continually updated to assure the crisis team is armed with the best information to assure the safety and security of its students, employees and facilities.

Communication is the key

Merryfield has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of its students and staff, while being mindful to maintain the collegiate environment that makes our school a home away from home for our students, and our employees. Should an emergency occur on the campus, the security personnel is able to articulate emergency information to the entire campus via a campus-wide voice alert intercom system. At the same time, the school‘s crisis response team utilizes an emergency text system to alert and update students, faculty and staff of any campus events that may affect them or the school’s calendar (such as tropical weather-related closings). This system allows the school to issue updates and alerts via the appropriate combination of social media, e-mail, voice and text messages.

Everyone has a role to play

One of the main tenets of the plan is that every member of the Merryfield Academy has a role to play when it comes to safety. One small thing that every student and employee can do is keep their emergency contact information up-to-date. That information can be updated at the front office at any time. All students and staff are able to include up to four phone numbers (including numbers for parents and or friends).

Hurricane Plan

Florida’s hurricane season is from June 1until Nov. 30. Merryfield has a complete hurricane preparedness plan which is continually updated and is put into action by the team of Merryfield leaders representing every aspect of the school.

Leading up to, during and after a storm, we keep our students, families, staff and faculty well-informed of the condition of the school, if and when classes will be cancelled and when we scheduled to return to regular operation.

Parents, students and employees who want updated information on our preparations before a storm and school’s conditions during and after a storm should utilize the resources listed below.

Campus Alert System

In the event of a hurricane or an emergency, Merryfield uses an automated alert system to send a detailed voice, e-mail and text messages to students, faculty and staff. Therefore, it’s important for students and employees to keep their contact information updated at all times. Students and employees should ensure that the front office have their correct contact information at all times, by using the contact information form located at the front office.

Hurricane Hotline

In addition to the campus alert system, live and recorded information is available by Merryfield social Network (Facebook) or by calling Merryfield Academy main line at 954-771-4030 or our on call security personnel at 786-973-3475. During normal business hours (Monday-Friday, from 8:30a.m -10:00 p.m.) students and parents can call this number and ask for Chris Wallace residence life to get updated information. If the school loses local phone service due to a major storm, students can use Merryfield social media network to get updated information.


Crime Statistics

The Student Right to Know Act and Campus Security Act of the Higher Education Amendment of 1992 require institutions to publish campus policies and statistics relating to campus safety and security. In compliance with this act, the following information is provided to you. If you have any questions concerning this material, please contact us @

Merryfield Academy Crime/Incident log Sheet

Crime Report
CRIMES20132014201520162017 201800000000
Sex Offense, Forcible000000
Sex Offense, Non-Forcible000000
Aggravated Assault000000
Arson000 000
Motor vehicle theft000000
Hate Crimes000000
Drug Violations000000
Weapons Violations000000
Alcohol Violations000000
Drug Violations000000
Weapons Violations000000


Merryfield Academy will report any allegations of hate crimes by any student or faculty or guest. Hate crimes are defined as crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or disability. The reporting of Hate Crimes as well as subsequent investigation and prosecution of perpetrators may act as deterrent. This involvement also helps to keep the public informed about the scope of the problem.

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