Ethnic Diversity of the Student Body

Diversity is a multidimensional, all-encompassing concept that recognizes and embraces the richness of human differences. As a practical matter, it is important that Merryfield Academy define this term with sufficient clarity, given the inherent obscurity of the term and the frequently mis-informed discussions that surround it.

The term “diversity” is not a code for race, ethnicity, or gender by themselves. While Merryfield school board’s concept of diversification may include these factors, it is far more inclusive, surrounding significant qualities and capabilities that can influence learning in and out of the classroom.

Merryfield Academy’s Workplace Equity and Performance seeks to embrace diversity and strengthen our community across local, national and global settings. In an educational institution, the diversity of experience, of opinion and of culture background not only enrich our quest for knowledge, they are vital to our success.

Merryfield recognizes the significance of honoring differences year-round by creating a comprehensive environment that fosters appreciation and respect for the varied celebrations related to holidays and other events.

The graph below shows the Enrollment Ethnic Distribution and the male and female population.

Ethnic Breakdown

65% Hispanic

30% White

5% Other

Gender Population

90% Female

10% Male

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