Dog Grooming Courses on How To Navigate Grooming A Curly-Furred Animal

It never fails, curly-haired girls want straight hair and straight-haired girls want curls but what about dogs? Do they care? Probably not, but if you want to become a dog groomer you probably will because curly hair, or fur, requires a different approach when grooming than straight or wiry fur. At Merryfield Academy, one of […]

What To Do When The Dog’s Owner Doesn’t Like Your Grooming Job

As a dog groomer, you’ve been through enough training and certification to know just how to take care of any dog that comes your way. Like any job though, there will be times when the customer doesn’t like the job you’ve done. What do you do when you’re facing an upset dog owner? Here’s how […]

Five Companies That Hire Entry Level Groomers

Pet grooming is a rewarding and fulfilling job, and it’s no wonder that more and more people are joining dog grooming schools every day. They want to interact with animals as their day job and make their lives a little bit more comfortable. As a new groomer though, fresh out of school, where can you […]

Can We Call A Dog Groomer A Master Stylist?

Dog groomers are becoming more and more common, as dog owners want their dogs to be well cared for. A good groomer can prevent knotting and matting, and have your dog looking tidy and neat in no time. Can we really call them master stylists, though? We here at Merryfield School Of Pet Grooming, we […]

Dog Grooming Certification Can Enhance Your Professional Credentials

Dog grooming is a flourishing industry that’s expanding rapidly. After all, we love our furry companions. While most owners perform basic grooming regularly, some grooming tasks are much difficult and you might lack the equipment and expertise to do it yourself. That’s where professional dog grooming comes in. A professional groomer knows the ins and […]

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