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Dog Grooming Certification Can Give You the Foundation for a Career You Love

Can you imagine a career where what you do is your passion? If you love animals, dog grooming school could give you the education you need to attain such a job. The dog grooming business is booming as Americans are getting more pets than ever. If you are a dog lover, you could find yourself thoroughly enjoying this career path. Our school offers the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional groomer.

Dog grooming and styling is an intricate art form that has been around since the 1500s. Professional dog grooming, however, has only been practiced since around the 1930s in America and the 1980s in England. When it comes to business opportunities, the dog grooming profession is still relatively new. Mastering the art of dog grooming with formal education from a dog grooming school will give you endless career opportunities, as the dog grooming field is rapidly expanding.

New dog salons are opening daily, and many of these grooming centers are offering spa-like atmospheres with specialty treatments and relaxing environments. Veterinarian offices and boarding kennels have taken notice of this growth, and many of them have begun to offer grooming services as well. Another relatively new dog grooming business model is mobile dog grooming. This endeavor involves taking grooming and styling directly to the pets. Pet care has reached a much higher standard recentlywhich makes dog grooming a perfect career choice for dog lovers.

Professional dog grooming school will allow you to go to work every day loving your job. You will get to express how much you care for the animals and show off your artistic love for each dog’s beauty. Our pet grooming school consists of an award-winning staff that shares your passion for animals.

Dog Grooming Certification Can Give You the Foundation for a Career You Love

Nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, expressing anal glands, dematting, bathing, drying, brushing, combing, hand stripping, carding, scissoring, clipping, and thinning.

Styling procedures:

Creating balance and symmetry, shapes, basic pattern lines, pattern blending, styling, and finish techniques for every coat type.

General procedures:

Safe handling of all pets during procedures, organization and sanitation, and proper grooming processes. No prerequisites are needed for grooming school. If you care about animals and can see yourself working with them daily, dog grooming school might be the right choice for you.

Dog grooming is a very physical career choice. Handling animals requires a certain amount of strength, dexterity, balance, hand to eye coordination, peripheral vision, and great reflexes. Being able to react to a variety of situations quickly is a must. This physical skill set makes the grooming and styling process pleasant for both the animal and the groomer. Lifting animals in an out of cages is not like lifting weights; you will be lifting wriggling, nervous, scared, or excited animals. Dexterity is also essential for groomers because if you get in a situation where you are restraining an animal with one hand, you will have to use the other hand for the brush, clipper, or scissors. It takes coordination and precision to carry out some grooming jobs.

Pet salons are often places of constant action. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. A combination of both physical and mental awareness is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, including your own and the pets.

If this sounds like a challenge, you should not be surprised. The challenge factor is what many pet groomers love about their job.

Bather- Many groomers will start out as a bather. The responsibilities of the bather include bathing, brushing, and drying the animals in preparation for their grooming and styling. You will also trim nails, brush teeth, and clean ears.

  • Groomer- As a groomer, you will provide the cuts for the animals. You will likely bathe as well.
  • Stylist- The stylist performs the actual styling and creates unique profiles and expressions
  • Salon manager- If you have a desire to get into management or run your own salon, becoming a salon manager is a great place to start.

Finding a job after completing dog grooming school should be easy. We will even help you with job placement.

At any position, you can make career moves, and when you get enough experience, you can even open your own grooming facility. The pet grooming industry is currently growing, which translates to job security and increased opportunities for graduates. Family pets are not going anywhere, and as people earn more disposable income, they are willing to spend more on their pets.

Merryfield Academy is currently the only grooming school that is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). That means that we are the only grooming school that can offer federal financial aid to those who qualify. Merryfield employs knowledgeable, experienced instructors, many of whom have been formally recognized within the dog grooming industry.

The Merryfield Academy offers several post-graduate services including career guidance and placement services. Most students know what their next step will be before they officially complete the program. Our job placement program has a 96% success rate.

We are passionate about pets and sharing our knowledge. Our curriculum includes 500 hours of lab work and 100 hours in an externship outside of our school. Our skilled administrative team will place you in a veterinary office, grooming clinic, salon, or house call service to master your skills and gain the confidence that your skills are where they should be.

Contact us today to learn more information and schedule a campus tour. We can answer any questions you have and give you a tour of our facilities.

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Era gerente de recepción en un hospital de animales, un trabajo sin salida. Me encantan los animales y quería más diversión en mi trabajo. Hice mi investigación, entrevisté a los profesores de Merryfield y no había duda de que aquí es donde tenía que estar. Soy licenciado; compito a nivel nacional y obtendré mi certificación de maestro a finales de este año. Agradezco a Merryfield mi escandalosa carrera. ¡ME ENCANTA CADA DÍA!

Jessica W.

I was a front desk Manager at an Animal Hospital, kind of a dead end job. I love animals and I wanted more fun in my job. I did my research, I interviewed the teachers at Merryfield and there was no doubt that this is where I needed to be. I’m a Graduate; I compete nationally and will get my Master Certification by the end of this year. I thank Merryfield for my outrageous career. I LOVE IT EVERY DAY!

Jessica W.

Busqué en muchas escuelas diferentes del país. Cuando miré los currículos de los profesores de Merryfield, ganaron con creces. No había comparación. ¡Ahora que estoy ganando en mis competiciones! Puedo ver realmente la diferencia de mi educación en mi carrera.

Katie W.

I looked at many different schools in the country. When I looked at the resumes of the teachers at Merryfield, they won hands down. There was no comparison. Now that I’m winning in my competitions! I can really see the difference my education made on my career.

Katie W.

La razón por la que elegí Merryfield es porque hice mis deberes. Hablé con muchos Maestros Peluqueros y les pregunté cuál sería su elección para una gran educación. La respuesta fue sistemáticamente Merryfield para su elección número uno. Los instructores allí son algunos de los mejores groomers de Estados Unidos.

Lulu R.

The reason I chose Merryfield is because I did my homework. I spoke to many Master Groomers and asked them what their choice would be for a great education. The answer consistently was Merryfield for their number one choice. The instructors there are some of the top groomers in the United States.

Lulu R.

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