A part of being a great groomer is knowing how to cultivate great relationships with your furry clientele, their owners, and a veterinarian. Many new, and even some seasoned, groomers don’t realize the importance of establishing a good relationship with a vet in their area, but the truth is, this is one of the most important relation ships you can have. At Merryfield Academy, we believe that a good vet and groomer relationship can be mutually beneficial.

Below we’ve outlined some ways that a groomer can begin to build a relationship with a vet, as well as how both parties can benefit.

Do your research.

If you want to discuss specific cases with a vet, you’re going to need to know what you’re talking about. Vets undergo medical training and will often speak in professional medical terms. They’ll appreciate your commitment and take you more seriously if you are able to keep up with their vocabulary, and if you show that you know what you’re talking about.

Take them out!

The best way to get to know a person is to invite them out somewhere where the two of you can have a chat. We recommend taking them out to lunch or dinner and introducing yourself as someone who is interested in improving their craft. Asking them some questions and feeding their ego (and their bellies!) is always a plus.

Don’t diagnose; refer!

As we mentioned before, vets are medical professionals. They undergo years of medical training to be able to diagnose conditions. Don’t make an attempt to do the same; it’s not only illegal, but a misdiagnosis can be dangerous for the pet. Instead, refer the owner to a good vet you know. The vet will appreciate the business, and will very likely return the favor when someone asks for a quality groomer.

Keep records.

If you’ve had success with treating pets who’ve come to you with problematic skin conditions, keep it on record. Take before and after photos and describe as much as possible what the issues were, how long they were going on for, what you did to treat them, and anything else that may be important. This would be great to share with a vet who you’ve established a relationship and could help improve your credibility in the eyes of the vet and pet owner.

Unfortunately, in many cases owners are wary of trusting pet grooming professionals over veterinarians, so it’s important they understand that they don’t have to choose one or another. They may feel more comfortable if they knew that your treatment alternatives are supported by a vet, or simply that you have a good relationship with a vet. If you’d like more tips on becoming the best groomer that you can be, please contact the Merryfield Academy. We train our students on a wide variety of subjects so that they’re prepared for real-life scenarios.

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