Fees, Equipment and Charges

Equipment and books*…………$1,144.00 (Effective 10/26/2016)

Total Cost………………………..$11,944.00

Other costs:

$41,411 for off-campus room and board

*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion.

School’s Rate is $18.00 per Hour

Equipment should not be purchased until the student is approved for admission. Tuition is due in full on or before your start date, unless special financial arrangements were made.

Licensure Requirements
*Program has no licensure requirements in any state.

Equipment Purchases

Pell recipients may decline to participate in the way Merryfield Academy provides for obtaining your equipment and book. Students can buy their equipment and book from the school, or from outside vendors. Pell recipients, who want to purchase their equipment and book from an outside vendor, must notify Merryfield prior to start date. Merryfield will give the student a check to purchase the equipment on their own. There are internet sites like or There is also local distributor in Hallandale, FL, GMS Pet Supply. Your book can be purchased from the aforementioned sources as well as from If you are qualified for Pell and receive your equipment from the school, it’s called “Attend to own”. Every student must attend at least 180 hours in the first payment period to earn his or her financial aid. Your equipment must be left at the school at the end of your class, which will be inspected. Once the student has completed at least 180 hours the student may take his or her equipment home. If you stop your education and no longer want to attend classes, and earned less than 180 hours within the first payment period, the school is required to complete a Return to Title IV calculation. If the student does not complete 180 hours, the school is required to return Pell, Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans received in the first payment period payment period.

All non-recipients of Pell can buy his or her equipment and book from the school, or from an outside vendor. If you purchase equipment from the school, we have a payment plan available to students, it’s called “Monthly pay to own” Your equipment must be left at the school at the end of your class, which will be inspected. If the student stop his or her education and no longer want to attend classes, they may pay balance and keep the equipment. If the student does pay the balance on the equipment, it will be forfeited back to the school.

Your used equipment is non-refundable for the following reasons:
There is no way to evaluate if the electric clippers are damaged by looking at them. If they were dropped, there may be concealed damage. The detachable blades do wear and become dull when used. They can also sustain damage, therefore making them unsuitable for return. There are other consumables in the equipment that you receive like Quick Stop, Kool Lube and ear powder. These items would not be full and could not be resold to another student. The shears could also have sustained concealed damage or wear making them unsuitable for resale to another student. Revised 05/06/2016 * “Notes From the Grooming Table” ISBN Number: 978-0-692-65807-9 Suggested Retail price $84.95 and “Introduction to the Foundations of Dog Grooming”ISBN Number 978-1-56502-110-5 Suggested Retail price $39.99

Students Borrowing Money

77% of students who attend this program borrow money to pay for it
The typical graduate leaves with
$5465* in debt
*Fewer than 10 students completed this program within normal time. This number has been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.
The typical monthly loan payment
$65 per month in student loans with 3.76% interest rate.
*Fewer than 10 students completed this program within normal time. This number has been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.

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Era gerente de recepción en un hospital de animales, un trabajo sin salida. Me encantan los animales y quería más diversión en mi trabajo. Hice mi investigación, entrevisté a los profesores de Merryfield y no había duda de que aquí es donde tenía que estar. Soy licenciado; compito a nivel nacional y obtendré mi certificación de maestro a finales de este año. Agradezco a Merryfield mi escandalosa carrera. ¡ME ENCANTA CADA DÍA!

Jessica W.

I was a front desk Manager at an Animal Hospital, kind of a dead end job. I love animals and I wanted more fun in my job. I did my research, I interviewed the teachers at Merryfield and there was no doubt that this is where I needed to be. I’m a Graduate; I compete nationally and will get my Master Certification by the end of this year. I thank Merryfield for my outrageous career. I LOVE IT EVERY DAY!

Jessica W.

Busqué en muchas escuelas diferentes del país. Cuando miré los currículos de los profesores de Merryfield, ganaron con creces. No había comparación. ¡Ahora que estoy ganando en mis competiciones! Puedo ver realmente la diferencia de mi educación en mi carrera.

Katie W.

I looked at many different schools in the country. When I looked at the resumes of the teachers at Merryfield, they won hands down. There was no comparison. Now that I’m winning in my competitions! I can really see the difference my education made on my career.

Katie W.

La razón por la que elegí Merryfield es porque hice mis deberes. Hablé con muchos Maestros Peluqueros y les pregunté cuál sería su elección para una gran educación. La respuesta fue sistemáticamente Merryfield para su elección número uno. Los instructores allí son algunos de los mejores groomers de Estados Unidos.

Lulu R.

The reason I chose Merryfield is because I did my homework. I spoke to many Master Groomers and asked them what their choice would be for a great education. The answer consistently was Merryfield for their number one choice. The instructors there are some of the top groomers in the United States.

Lulu R.

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