Puppy grooming is a great way for a new family friend to become accustomed to grooming procedures. Grooming is an important way to maintain a puppy’s health and happiness. Grooming a puppy can also keep an owner aware of any problems that might occur in a dog’s overall health. Monitoring a dog for cuts, fleas, and skin conditions regularly can prevent any lasting problems, which is an important aspect in a young dog’s life.  

Dog Grooming vs. Puppy Grooming

There are a few differences in dog grooming and puppy grooming to be aware of. Puppies are smaller than full grown dogs, so they require more detail and less time. Since puppies are smaller and newer to the grooming world, they require a few different tools than a full grown dog might.

Puppy Grooming Tools:

Shampoo: A puppy’s skin can be more sensitive to dog shampoo than that of a full grown dog. It’s a good idea to use specialized puppy shampoo. Also be sure not to get shampoo into the puppy’s eyes.

Small trimmers: Puppies are known to be smaller than full grown dogs, so using a small set of trimmers is important.

Small shears: Along with trimmers, shears should be a smaller size when dealing with puppy grooming. You should keep a pair of curved and straight shears for small dogs and puppies.

Cordless trimmer: You may prefer a cordless trimmer when dealing with smaller dogs and puppies simply because it is easier to handle around tighter areas. With this option, you also don’t have to worry about a cord being in the way.

Getting Started with Puppy Grooming Right from the Start

Getting a puppy acquainted to grooming at an early age is ideal so that they can learn to have a happy response to grooming from the start. The earlier they are familiar with handling, washing and grooming tools, the better chance they have to be well-behaved during grooming procedures later in life. It is important to help new owners who have puppies understand this.
It is a good idea to introduce positive influences to a puppy when it is first introduced to grooming. Treats help get the desired reaction from a puppy who doesn’t know the ins and outs of grooming yet. Another helpful idea is to keep the time of the puppy grooming session to a minimal time frame since you don’t want to overdo it right away. Having your client bring their puppy in for frequent grooming sessions will help give a positive experience for future grooming endeavors with their dog.

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