If you wish to attend the nation’s only pet grooming school that is accredited and provides students with financial aid to help pay for tuition, some requirements must be met. Meeting these requirements provides Merryfield school of pet grooming the proper information needed to review potential financial aid and other determining factors of enrollment.

Initial Interview

During the initial interview, the financial aid department will pull a record from the NSLDS report that provides information on defaulted loans, aggregate limits, and overlapping loans. The office of financial aid will also review any previous education records to determine if you are a right fit for the institution.

Financial Aid

Eligibility for financial aid depends solely on qualification requirements. Students that qualify for financial aid will:
  •   Have a need for financial aid
  •   Be a full-time regular attending student working towards attaining a certification or degree
  •   Be a United States citizen or noncitizen who is eligible for financial assistance
  •   Have attained a high school diploma or its equivalent (for foreign students)
  •   Keep at least satisfactory performance grade averages to retain financial aid
  •   Possess a valid social security number
  •   If necessary, be registered to Selective Services
  •   Not be in default of past student loans
  •   Confirm that financial aid will be used solely for educational and tuition purposes

Will I Keep Financial Aid for Pet Grooming School if Convicted of a Crime?

If a student that has been awarded financial aid has been convicted on the federal or state level with the possession of illegal drugs, by the requirement of the Higher Education Act of 1964, financial aid must be suspended. This is only required when it has been proven that the drugs were in possession of the duration of time that financial aid was available to that student. Eligibility for students that have been convicted of such crimes can be reactivated once two unexpected administered drug tests receive a passing score. Drug tests must be administered to the standards of the criteria set by the United States Department of Education.Qualification Requirements for Florida’s #1 Pet Grooming School Those that have been convicted of sexual offenses are ineligible to receive federal Pell grants even if incarceration and forced community commitments have been completed by the requirements from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Enrolling in Merryfield Academy

If you think that you fit all the requirements for financial aid and would like to attend pet grooming school with the aid from government grants, please visit our website on ways to enroll. Your future as a professional pet groomer awaits you, all you have to do is take the first step!    

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