Veterinary Assistant -

900 Clock Hour Hybrid Program

This diploma program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as a veterinary assistant.  The program will provide students the foundation of knowledge in animal anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and animal care activities.

Through classroom, lab work in the school and online, students will be able to learn medical and imaging records, offer client education, assist with animal nursing duties, prepare for surgeries and assist in a routine exam during the first 720 hours of the program.  The program also includes a 180-hour externship where students will be placed at an animal clinic, animal hospital or mobile veterinary clinic to gain additional real-world experience under the supervision of the clinic site management personnel.-

The program can be completed in as little as 10 months as a full-time student and as little as 13 months as a part-time student.  The program is available in the day and evening!

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 VA101:  Introduction to Anatomy, Animal Handling and Restraint – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, student will learn to learn about the Field of Veterinary medicine, the many career opportunities it can provide and the role of the veterinary assistant within the health care team.  Become familiar with Basic external and internal anatomy, allowing for the proper use of terminology to communicate and record observations and tasks in written and oral form as well as to understand and recognize body language and physical behaviors in animals to maintain safety and communicate effectively the physical behavioral status of an animal with fellow staff and owners also to properly hold/restrain animals in various situations and procedures and recognize when to alter restraint methods for compromised patients as well as to be proficient with the proper use and application of different restraint equipment.

 VA102:  Vitals, Hygiene and Med Administration – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, students will learn to perform proper holding techniques in front of owners and exhibit appropriate exam room conduct.  Take a history and properly obtain and record vitals and assessment of body condition score, pain level and general appearance of animal. Evaluate body systems perform basic grooming routine maintenance procedures and administration of oral and topical medications as well as become familiar with the various breeds of canine and feline.

 VA103:  Sanitation Protocols and OSHA – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, students will learn proper methods for maintaining cleanliness in a veterinary hospital.  They will also learn how to identify different cleaning agents for use in appropriate situations.  Students will become familiar with proper isolation and quarantine protocols and procedures and will achieve OSHA certification.

 VA104: Lab Procedures, Sample Collection, Parasitology – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, students will learn to identify and use laboratory equipment and supplies needed to collect different sample types as well as basic maintenance and care of equipment.  Develop knowledge and skill in collecting samples or assist in collecting samples.  The preparation of blood films/smears and microhematocrit tubes for manual PCV. Demonstrate proper handling and storage of various samples.  Demonstrate knowledge of zoonotic disease and how to recognize evidence of and use of appropriate actions and steps to prevent cross-contamination. Students will become familiar with basic parasitology and demonstrate skill in preparing a fecal flotation and Identification of internal and external parasites.

 VA105:  Surgical Instruments, Prep and Equipment Maintenance – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, student will learn what is involved with surgical procedures including identifying common instruments, suture materials and other supplies as well as various types of sterilization processes.  Learn to use aseptic techniques for surgical preparation and physical monitoring of patients during procedures and recovery.  Cleaning and maintenance of medical and surgical equipment as well as surgical areas of the hospital.

 VA107:  Front Desk Procedures, Client Communication and Grief Management – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

In this course, students will become familiar with the role and duties of the CSR and how to provide assistance in the day-to-day tasks and duties while utilizing proper communication and ethical conduct when interacting with clients and other medical professionals outside their immediate team members.  Students will also learn what the human-animal bond is and the process of euthanasia, what is appropriate conduct during this time as well as how to manage their own grief and combat compassion fatigue in healthy ways.

 VA108:  Externship Review – 90 hours classroom, lab and online delivery

 In this course, student will participate in skills and knowledge review to ensure all areas of the program skills have been acquired at an acceptable level.  They will be given opportunities to strengthen areas of concern, prepare for their externship, learn basic interview skills and get tips on developing and writing a resume.

 VA109:  Externship – 180 hours at school approved facility

 In this course, students will work in a live animal care setting for 180 hours off-campus in an approved site.  A qualified veterinary care professional supervises the student during this externship.  Prerequisite:  Complete all courses in the program prior to beginning this course.

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