If you are considering professional pet grooming as a career, there are many reasons for you to do so! If you love animals and want to help pets be their healthiest selves, professional pet grooming may be a perfect career choice for you. There are many benefits of choosing a career as a pet groomer. And, by choosing to attend Merryfield Academy, you can be one step closer to obtaining these benefits.

A Career Working with Animals

Obviously, one of the biggest pros of becoming a professional pet groomer is that you’ll get to spend your days surrounded by animals. Of course, if you are considering pet grooming as a career and don’t absolutely enjoy dogs or cats, you may wish to reconsider your career choice. Although pet groomers spend most of their time with pets, they also have to establish healthy relationships with their owners. So, if you want a career that involves establishing a clientele base of both humans and animals, grooming may be right for you.

A Challenging Career

Choosing a mundane career will leave you stuck in a routine. Grooming pets are anything but routine! With each new day, you’ll experience new challenges. If you are a person who is happier when challenged and is good at coming up with intuitive solutions, pet grooming may be a great career for you!

A Change to Enhance Pets’ Wellbeing

Grooming isn’t just for looks, it’s also a way to keep pets healthy. Trimming nails, de-matting, and anal gland expressed are all routine maintenance for any pet dog or cat. But, when neglected, a pet’s health can diminish. By becoming a professional pet groomer, you are committing to helping animals be their healthiest selves. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with owners about potential health problems so that an upcoming veterinary visit can be determined. Sometimes, the health problems groomers point out to pet owners end up saving lives of pets! So, you can take pride in the fact that you are helping pets as a professional pet groomer.

A Lucrative Career

Most people don’t know that a professional pet grooming career is pretty lucrative. Salaries depend on if an individual owns a business or has a job as a groomer at a veterinary, rescue, or other grooming facilities. But, either way, the average price for a groom is $60 across the country. Multiply that by however many pets are seen throughout a day and an individual can make quite the living.

Becoming a Professional Pet Grooming Business Owner

One of the best things about choosing professional pet grooming is the chance to start your own business. With your own business comes unlimited opportunities for meeting new people and discovering new things. Additionally, owning your own business means setting your own hours. You can decide when you want to work; if at all! And, you can also decide where you want to work! Many individuals who have become professional pet groomers have invested in mobile pet grooming salons. These are transportable vehicular salons that come to the customer; instead of a brick and mortar business. This provides a much-needed service and opens up customer opportunities for individuals who would otherwise not be able to come travel to a salon themselves.

Want to Invest in a Career in Professional Pet Grooming?

If you want to take advantage of the numerous benefits of professional pet grooming, you’ll first need to learn how to groom. Come check out our learning institution, Merryfield Academy, at our Ft. Lauderdale campus. Or, check out our website to learn more about our top-rated and recognized instructors, beautiful location, and class expectations. If you want to become a professional pet groomer, the best way is to learn from the best in the industry. And, at Merryfield Academy, that’s exactly what you will do! Give us a call today to speak with the admissions department and have any questions you may have answered at (954) 771-4030.

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