An Introduction of Merryfield Academy

The pursuit of higher education is the dream of many Americans and financial aid helps to afford them the opportunity to realize this dream. It is the goal of Merryfield Academy to provide its students and staff with the most current and accurate information regarding Title IV financial aid program.

Federal regulations mandate that institutions participating in the Title IV program have written policies and procedures on the delivery of financial aid.

Besides being a federal requirement, this document represents Merryfield Academy institutional principles and aims to provide a detailed outline on how our school guides students and family through the financial aid application process, review, and process applications and disburse funds.

This manual is for the benefit of Merryfield Academy financial aid professionals and other campus administrators by providing an understanding of federal, state and local regulations and additionally, intends to mitigate institutional risk when followed. It is also intended to provide guidance and information on financial aid facts, but may not entail all details of the administration of all financial aid programs.

This manual:

  • Provides the financial aid staff with current policies and procedures regarding federal, state and institutional programs.
  • Provides the staff with the general office procedures for maintaining consistency on the handling of similar matters.
  • Serves as a quick reference for rules, regulations, disclosures and forms.
  • Clarify understanding of policies, authorities and responsibilities relating to operational practices.
  • A vital source for orienting and training new and existing employees.
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