Part of becoming a successful groomer is developing and maintaining a bond between your clients and yourself. Pets are more likely to react to the experience of grooming with a positive attitude when they are treated with respect from the moment they arrive. The Merryfield Pet Grooming School encourages the bond between groomer and pets because it creates a delightful grooming experience for you as the groomer, the client, and the pet.

Be Aware of Smells

Dogs and cats have highly sensitive noses. They can smell things that a human won’t even know exists. A pet’s sense of smell can determine if they are going to like you as a groomer. Make sure to wash your hands in between groomings so that pets will not be put off by the smell of other animals. It is also helpful to keep an extra pair of clothes in case of foul smells that may offend another pet.

Be Aware of Touch

Touch is the most important thing to be aware of when developing a bond with a pet. Make sure to spend time on the bathing process so that a new pet client can get used to your touch and also gain trust in your hands. Also, it is best to keep a pet on the table for the entirety of the scissoring, so they are not confused about your intentions. The pet should be sure of your actions and only think that their grooming experience is over when it truly is. Otherwise, the pet can become stressed. Make sure to only touch a pet with a loving nature. Never grab or jerk a pet. Pets, just like humans, sense aggressive touch and do not react well to it. In most cases, if you show a pet kindness and respect, they will show it back to you.

Be Aware of the Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your grooming facility will be much different for pets than it is for you. Pets have highly sensitive noses and ears, and a groomer has a hectic schedule. Make time for cleanliness, since foul smells can trigger a pet’s natural instinct to show aggression. Use gentle sounding dryers and a soft voice to keep pets from being scared from noise.

Merryfield Maintains the Bond between Pet and Groomer

The Merryfield Pet Grooming School understands that the bond between pet and groomer is important for business. Clients are much more willing to come back if their pet has had a positive experience. As a groomer, you will find yourself working smarter instead of harder when dealing with clients who appreciate your bond with their pets.

If you want to become a professional groomer, The Merryfield Pet Grooming School offers a full plan to develop you into the professional groomer that you desire to be. The Merryfield Pet Grooming School is the only nationally accredited pet grooming school, giving you options for financial aid and student loans. If you have any questions about our school or programs, call us at 954-771-4030 or visit our website for more information.

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