The Benefits of a Mobile Pet Grooming Business Many pet groomers nowadays are leaving their shops behind and starting mobile pet grooming businesses. These transportable businesses offer many benefits for customers, their pets, and professional groomers. Exploring business options before enrolling in Merryfield Academy will give you the confidence you need to decide what path in pet grooming to take after graduation.

Benefits of a Mobile Grooming Business

Mobility: Instead of only allowing for your customer to come to you, a mobile grooming business allows for the service to come to the customer. This means that a customer doesn’t even necessarily have to be present for the pet grooming. It also means that pets don’t have to wait around at the groomer salon for their owner to come pick them up. Potential Earnings: The pet market only increases each year, along with the number of pets that need grooming. With more pets, there are more opportunities. Not every pet owner is going to have the time or resources to take their pet to a grooming salon. This is where your business comes into play; the corner of the market grooming salons can’t touch. Scheduling: One of the obvious benefits of owning your own business is the ability to set your own work hours. A mobile pet grooming business can be operated part-time, giving you the option to use your other time for additional endeavors or activities.

What is Needed for a Mobile Grooming Business?

A few things are necessary to get you up and running with a mobile pet grooming business. The first and foremost is a van or modified motor home. This will be the face of your business, so make sure it proclaims your brand and logo. Also, to gain further business, provide a contact number on your grooming vehicle. Along with company information, the vehicle will have to incorporate all grooming necessities such as a grooming table, bathing tub, outside electrical availability, and all other vital grooming tools. Next, the proper certification is needed to run a profitable business. Register your business and get a permit before offering services in exchange for finance to avoid legal issues. Lastly, gain insurance for the vehicle, grooming equipment, and liability in case of a pet emergency.

Start your Mobile Grooming Business Where it Matters: Merryfield Academy

Before any step can be completed to start your new mobile grooming business, you must first know about pet grooming. Merryfield Academy is the perfect place to gain the knowledge needed to run and operate a successful mobile pet grooming business. If you are ready to get started with the development of your highly successful business, contact Merryfield Academy today on our website. Also listed on the website is an outline of classes offered and qualifications for financial aid eligibility. Don’t hesitate: your career as a professional pet groomer awaits!

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