Every pet owner struggles with the frustration that is shedding fur. One day your floors are clean and the next it seems as though a ball of fur exploded all over the living room. There has to be a better way than sweeping your floors every day. But, what is it? Fortunately, there are a number of grooming techniques that can help with your fur frustrations. And, ultimately, help your pooch maintain a naturally healthy coat!

Brush Regularly Between Groomings

The best way to minimize shedding is to get it before it reaches the ground. Brushing your shedding dog every day will prevent broken and loose hair from falling later. And, it prepares the coat for healthy growth which reduces the chance of developing mats and skin issues. Before purchasing a brush for your dog, make sure you know what type of coat your dog has. This will allow you to choose a specific tool according to the coat’s needs that will best minimize shedding. For example, short-haired dogs which do not get tangled or matted fur may benefit best from a soft bristle brush. However, long and coarse fur is best brushed with a wire bristle brush. If you’re unsure of which type of brush to use on your dog’s fur, come into Merryfield Academy for your next grooming visit and one of our experienced staff members will provide you advice on which type of tool works best for your dog’s type of coat!

Change your Dog’s Diet

Sometimes, excess shedding is a sign of another problem. Although it’s natural for your dog to shed, excess shedding may be a result of diet. While you may take great care in selecting your dog’s food, there are some brands and options that won’t suit a fur coat’s needs. Fortunately, dog food is regulated much like human food by the Food and Drug Administration. And, all dog food companies are required to list ingredients used in the production of their food right on the packaging. This helps a lot when it comes to finding the right food for minimizing shedding.

If you’re able to switch the type of dog food you use, shop for brands which implement minerals and antioxidants. On the contrary, there are foods which don’t provide optimal nutrition for dogs which can extend to not only reduced health but increased shedding. Choose a dog food which is developed using real meat as the first ingredient. And, one which does not utilize artificial flavoring, wheat, corn, and soy as these ingredients can lead to developing allergies which also attribute to excess shedding. If you’re not able to switch up your dog’s diet, you can look to implement more nutrients and minerals which can convert into a healthy coat by using certain vitamin-packed treats. As always, if you’re planning to switch your dog’s diet, ask your veterinarian first. This way, you’ll be sure to know that the choices in the food you’re making are right for your pet.

Shampoos which can Reduce Shedding

Simply bathing and grooming your dog more frequently will undoubtedly help with the amount of shedding fur you find around your hose. But, did you know that there are specific dog shampoos made for minimizing shedding? These shampoos aim to help reduce skin problems which may be the reason for excess shedding. Additionally, most shed control shampoos include moisturizing elements which help to reduce breakage. Often times, pet shampoos can dry out fur. This can lead to breakage, which may be the fur you are seeing around your house. Choosing a better shampoo means less breakage and healthier fur which results in less shedding. And, switching shampoo is one of the grooming techniques both groomers and pet owners can try! 

Learn Grooming Techniques like These at Merryfield Academy

Have you ever considered going into the pet grooming industry to learn grooming techniques that will help you not only control your dog’s fur but establish your own career? If so, Merryfield Academy in Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to start your new profession! If you’d like more information on our grooming prices and options or how you can get started with a career in professional pet grooming, please give us a call today at (954) 771-4030.

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