Grooming for Pets with Dry Skin Issues

October 23, 2017 in Pet Grooming By Gregg Docktor

Dry skin on dogs can be a cause for worry. But, when you are aware of what the problem is, why your dog is struggling with dry skin, and the best methods of treatment; your pet’s skin issues can get better! Grooming for pets with dry skin may be a bit different than pets with minimal or no skin issues. So, it’s important as a pet owner to learn what you can about how you can treat your pet’s dry skin issues.

Why Does My Dog Have Skin Issues?

One of the best ways to go about treating your pet’s dry skin is to first understand why your pet is dealing with the issues in the first place. Then, your professional groomer or vet can provide you with answers as the best methods for treatment. There are a number of reasons why a pet may be struggling with dry skin including:

Allergies: Just like people, dogs can develop allergies. Dog allergies range from food, dander, pollen, grass, and even dust. Most commonly, dog allergies which are affecting the skin and causing it to dry out can be treated with medication. Dry skin of this nature may be prevented if you can pinpoint the allergy your dog has so that it may be eliminated from his/her diet or daily outings.

Fleas: Did you know that dogs and cats can be allergic to the saliva of fleas? If you have noticed that your pet has both fleas and dry skin, the chances are that the cause of the dry skin is the fleas. To prevent fleas, keep your pets inside. And, provide routine flea treatment in the form of flea collars or monthly flea drop applications. You can get these flea preventions and also flea medication at your veterinary office.

Virus: Other common causes of dry skin for pets are skin infections. But, mostly, these infections are a red flag for concurring underlying health issues. And, this is a major reason why the dry skin on pets should not be taken lightly. Frequently, dogs and cats are infected with ringworm. This treatable condition can cause redness, itchiness, and irritation around the affected sites. And, it can even be spread to humans by contact.

Lifestyle: Sometimes, a pet’s skin issues are caused by environmental factors. These may include hot or cold weather, lack of proper nutrition, soaps with aggressive chemicals, bathing too frequently, and dry air. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can help pets with skin conditions due to an environmental factor. Grooming for pets with lifestyle-related skin conditions can not only help treat these conditions but allow you as a pet owner to learn what changes you can make to help your dog live a happier and healthier life!

Does My Pet Have Skin Conditions?

Not sure if your pet is struggling with dry skin? There are a few different symptoms depending on the cause of dry skin. Common symptoms of pets with dry skin may include:

  •      Frequent scratching
  •      Redness of the skin
  •      Flaking skin
  •      Bumps
  •      Rash
  •      Scabbing
  •      Oiliness
  •      Bad odor
  •      Loss of hair
  •      Dandruff

Remember, just because your dog may not be showing all of these symptoms, it doesn’t mean that he/she is not struggling with dry skin issues. Whether your pet’s skin condition may need medical attention or lifestyle changes, it’s best to let your pet’s vet advise you on the best method of treatment. If your pet is showing any of the symptoms listed above, call your vet for an appointment.

Grooming for Pets with Dry Skin

While you’re at the vet, ask him/her if there are any things which your pet grooming should be looking out for. And, ask if visiting the groomer is an option during treatment (if prescribed). This way, you can tell your groomer upon your next visit about special considerations which may need to be met. Whether or not your vet tells you to advise your groomer, let your groomer know of any skin condition you may have noticed or talked to your vet about.

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