We know that humans have had pets for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And, currently, grooming competitions are held almost every day across the whole world. But, have we always had to maintain their fur with grooming efforts? Well, grooming for pets had to start somewhere. The history of grooming for pets can help us to understand more about the benefits and need for grooming services. So, learning about this history can help us to remember the need for these useful services.

A History of Dogs as Pets and the First Dogs to be Groomed

It’s well known that dogs need grooming, but when did we start keeping them as pets? According to the Smithsonian, dogs were the first of all animals to be domesticated by humans in Europe about 16,000 years ago. But, further findings and research that points to evidence that dogs may have been around for over 32 thousand years may mean they were domesticated even earlier. But, just because dogs have been around that long, does it mean that grooming was around too? According to research performed by Petcha, Curly Coated Retrievers were the first breed of dog to receive grooming from their human masters. This was done to help these dogs swim better in water to retrieve hunted animals sometime between 1500 and 1600 AD. At this time, grooming was seen as a solution to a hunting problem, not as a need for health or even aesthetics.

When Grooming for Pets became Style

While it seems only working dogs were groomed for work efficiency purposes, grooming of pets for style came shortly thereafter. It’s commonly reported that poodles received grooming first for aesthetic purposes in their native land, France. Kings and Queens of France have been painted with perfectly groomed dogs since the 1700s. And, since then, the French population has been coming up with new, creative styles for their loveable poodles.

Grooming for Pets as it Relates to Health

While the French are routinely noted for the first grooming for aesthetic purposes, it wasn’t until the 1800s that literature began to describe the importance of grooming for health-related purposes. For example, in 1861, John Meyrick published a book which addressed the health reasons for routine bathing of dogs in his novel, House Dogs and Sporting Dogs.

Grooming for Pets in America Today

Eventually, the need and desire for the grooming of pets came to the United States in the 1960s. Since then, grooming in our country has been about efficiency, style, and health all in one. Today, there are over 64 million pets in our country. Most of which need routine grooming and maintenance. This calls for an entire industry of professional pet groomers. This industry, unlike many, will only grow. This is because the love of pets is forever withstanding. And, with 64 million pets already in our country, there will only be more pet owners with each new day.

Becoming a Groomer Yourself

Are you interested in the history of grooming for pets and wish to learn more about pet grooming? Have you ever considered a career as a professional pet groomer? Deciding on a career in professional pet grooming may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you love pets and wish to dive into an industry of pure potential, pet grooming may be right for you! To speak with us about how you can become a professional pet groomer in 10 months, give Merryfield Academy a call today at 954-771-4030.  

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