During the summertime, especially here in South Florida, temperatures can be unbearable. As pet owners, we need to be aware that it’s just as hot for our pets! As humans, we have natural ways to cool down by producing sweat. Dogs don’t have the same natural cooling systems, and their health can become in jeopardy as a result of extreme heat. Fortunately, as a pet owner, there are a few things that you can do as far as dog safety goes to protect your furry pal.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside During the Day

During the summer months, South Florida’s average temperature is in the 80s. So it’s cooler during night time and hotter during the day. This is just simply too hot to have a dog outside all day. Dogs don’t wear shoes and clothes like humans do, but their paws and skin are still susceptible to burns from the sun. When the sun beams down on the surface of the floor, your dog is having to sit, lie, or walk on this hot surface all day. Instead of keeping your dog outside, consider boarding him or her inside so that they are out of the dangerous heat and sunlight.

For some dog owners, it’s just not possible to allow pets indoors. In these cases, it’s imperative to offer solutions for your pet to remain cool. Try setting up an area with shade and water. Also, make sure that your dog has somewhere to lie and stand that is not concrete, as solid surfaces reflect the sun and can increase the temperature surrounding it. Grass, dirt, and turf are cooler and less reflective surfaces. Some pet owners choose to invest in small pools that dogs can cool down in when the weather is exceptionally scorching.

The indoors is the safest and most comfortable place for dogs in the hot summer months. So, if you absolutely have to leave your dog outside, make sure that you are there to check on him or her at least every few hours. Also, make sure that your dog has enough space to have separate areas to play, sleep, and use the restroom. This means NOT keeping your dog leashed up. And, this also means providing fencing that is up to code and your dog cannot escape from. If you can’t provide these things for the dog you keep outdoors, consider relocating him or her indoors.

When your Dog is Outside, Provide the Essentials

Obviously, it’s not a threat to dog safety to have your pet outdoors for some of the days. But, when he or she is outside during summer months, make sure they have what they need to stay cool. One thing that you can provide is a place for shade. This allows your dog to escape from the sun when needed to cool down. Another essential is water. Humans aren’t the only ones that can get dehydrated in the heat. Your dog should always have access to water; especially during the summertime. Also, when you do let your dog outside, it’s best to always provide supervision in case of overheating so he or she can be taken to a cooler environment.

Beware of Swimming Pools

Whether your dog is kept in or outdoors, swimming should be a concern for all dog owners. While some dogs instinctively can swim on their first try, others cannot. Or, they won’t know how to get out of a swimming pool if they were to fall in. For these reasons, it’s important for dog safety that you supervise your dog if you allow him or her to swim. Also, watching your dog around swimming pools allows for help if they were to fall in. If you are unsure that your dog can swim and escape your pool in case of emergency, you will need to install a pool fence around the area to keep your pet from entering the pool.

Dog Safety and Grooming

Some pet owners think it’s best for dog safety to get rid of fur during summer months to help with the heat. But, all dog breeds are different; as their fur is also different. It may or may not be a good idea to have your dog groomed in the summertime. Fur is meant to protect a dog’s skin from the sun and other environmental factors. If you are considering a summer haircut for your dog, consider asking a professional pet groomer at The Merryfield Academy. Although we offer classes for individuals who wish to become professional groomers, we also provide grooming services for pet owners in South Florida. To make an appointment or talk to admissions about applying to Merryfield Academy, give us a call today at (954) 771-4030.

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