There are many pets in our country, and each of these pets has owners with their own opinions. Many of these opinions regard the care and grooming of their pets, which may differ from person to person. Throughout the industry, pet groomers come into contact with many pet owners who have beliefs of various cat and dog grooming myths. It’s important to debunk these cat and dog grooming myths so that our furry friends can live the happiest and healthiest lives we can manage to provide for them.

“I can’t be allergic, he/she is hypoallergenic”

Although it is true that certain dogs and cats are reported to cause less frequent or severe reactions in allergic humans, there is no way to tell how someone with an allergy to pet dander will respond to a specific breed before they live together. The only sure way to know if you will experience allergic reactions to an animal is to spend time together, long enough to start feeling the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

“My pet only needs a bath once a month”

All too often, cat and dog grooming salons have animals that come in that are not bathed frequently enough. For cats, bathing needs are minimal. This is because their pronged tongue and constant self-grooming help to keep the coat silky and clean. Only some long haired cats who have trouble self-grooming or have developed matting may need professional grooming. Additionally, hairless cats (Sphynx) need to bath once a week due to abundantly produced oils produced by the skin with minimal hair to catch them. Dogs should be bathed once or twice a week depending on how dirty the animal is and the condition of their skin. Frequent bathing not only keeps dogs feeling better, but keeps the overall health of their coat and skin to remain above par.

“Human shampoo is just as good for dogs as pet shampoo”

Commonly, pet owners think that their shampoo is made of the same ingredients as their own. This is simply not true, as shampoos are developed specifically to help the species they are intended for. Human shampoos tend to be more acidic than dog shampoos and can strip a dog’s hair of its naturally produced oils which can also irritate the skin. Burning of the skin due to human shampoo use in dogs may translate further into infection and require veterinary care.

“My pet has short hair so they don’t require grooming”

You may feel that your home-grooming skills are enough to keep your pet happy and healthy. You may be right, but there are benefits of a professional groom that you simply cannot get at home. Even short haired pets and those groomed at home do not get the anal gland release, manicure, and professional styling standard that they would from a professional. Also, having a short-haired pet professionally groomed can help with shedding so that you can keep your house hair-free longer!

Professional Cat and Dog Grooming

Are you interested in getting cat and dog grooming for your pet? If so, Merryfield Academy is open for scheduling now! Also, we are taking applicants for individuals interested in becoming professional pet groomers. We are looking for individuals who have a love for animals and are interested in a lucrative career in professionally grooming pets. We are the only nationally accredited professional pet grooming school in the nation, and our staff of instructors is renowned worldwide. Additionally, we offer financial aid options for students who qualify, and many of our graduates have had tuition covered by their financial aid opportunities. Don’t miss out on a career that you will love and will also love you back! Give us a call to find out more about our grooming services and/or professional grooming courses at (954) 771-4030.

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