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Financial Aid is available for qualifying students. Our cat and dog groomers school is only 2 miles from Ft. Lauderdale’s famous beaches!

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We Prepare Animal Lovers For Careers As Professional Animal Groomers!

Who are We?

We are an academy of cat and dog grooming that has a great environment with outstanding instructors who create the best foundation for graduate success. There is no other pet grooming school in the country that has a nationally recognized award winning staff like ours. The cat and dog grooming training course’s goal is to impart our instructors’ skills upon our students. The pet groomer course programs that we provide for receival of a groomer certification go beyond requirement, so each student enrolled into our cat and dog groomer school can be sure they are being provided the necessary information needed to start a career. We understand the importance of a grooming certificate, however we also know that it takes much more than the minimum to be a successful professional pet groomer.

Career Choices

Graduates of our grooming school in Florida have many different ways to execute their career choice. Some of those options are:

Mobile Pet Grooming Companies, House call Pet Grooming, Salons, Animal Hospitals, Kennels, Rescue Organizations, Humane Societies, Self Employment.

Financial Aid

What kind of Aid can I get? How do I qualify?

We have many options to help you with your cat and dog grooming classes. Fill in the form above, and we will get back to you with information on how to receive financial aid to go to the best cat and dog grooming school in the nation.

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma to be deemed eligible for schooling at Merryfield Academy.


Lulu R.

The reason I chose Merryfield is because I did my homework. I spoke to many Master Groomers and asked them what their choice would be for a great education. The answer consistently was Merryfield for their number one choice. The instructors there are some of the top groomers in the United States.

Katie W.

I looked at many different schools in the country. When I looked at the resumes of the teachers at Merryfield, they won hands down. There was no comparison. Now that I’m winning in my competitions! I can really see the difference my education made on my career.

Jessica W.

I was a front desk Manager at an Animal Hospital, kind of a dead end job. I love animals and I wanted more fun in my job. I did my research, I interviewed the teachers at Merryfield and there was no doubt that this is where I needed to be. I’m a Graduate; I compete nationally and will get my Master Certification by the end of this year. I thank Merryfield for my outrageous career. I LOVE IT EVERY DAY!

Graduate Testimonial

I now own ‘Le Paw Spa Pet Mobile Grooming’ and I am very happy to report that, even in this economy, my phone does not stop ringing and the demand for my services (I am the most expensive mobile groomer in Ft. Lauderdale) keeps me busier than I can handle. All my clients tell me that the quality of my grooming of their pets is like nothing they have ever seen. I attribute that to Merryfield and the awesome teachers there. I never in a million years dreamed that I would be owning my own company myself. I love my clients and their pets. I get up every morning happy to start my day and be in control of my destiny. Again, thank you so much.

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Haylee Lavallee, CFMG www.lepawspamobile.com
Located in Fort Lauderdale